Upside Down Garden

Upside Down Garden

I visited Greenhouse on James St earlier this week and on my way out noticed a group of planters hanging upside down from the ceiling.  I was intrigued so asked the assistant more about the upside down plants.  She mentioned her sister has one hanging in her bedroom above her bedside table and it was thriving.  She went on to suggest the idea of using them to hang herbs in the kitchen.  I was instantly in love.  Now I am no green thumb but I was promised that they are low maintenance and apparently easy to pot and hang.  From memory they start from around $70 ish. Today on my Facebook feed, I stumbled across pics of these very colourful upside down bunches on the Camilla page.   They were centrepieces at her Designer Rugs launch party.  How superb! I love this idea for something different in the home while being environmentally friendly!

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Greenhouse picsphoto 2photo 1

Camilla launch partyimage 4 image 35

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Images sourced from Camilla Facebook page, pinterest.

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