Two Minutes with Northside Flower Market

Two Minutes with Northside Flower Market

I am a fresh flower addict, there I said it.  If you follow me on Instagram , it is likely you have already assumed I am slightly obsessed due to my bloom spam! To me fresh flowers are everything. Whether it be for a gift, to pretty up your home or a special occasion, for me they equate to happiness, beauty, brightness, fun & fragrance.  Fresh flowers are my little luxury that I will never be guilty about indulging in (on a regular basis) and I always visit Northside Flower Market when I have flower mania.

I caught up with Kim Dodwell from Northside Flower Market to get the low down on tips of the trade when it comes to being a florist, making the most of your blooms, how to choose season appropriate flowers and to get to know more about the business Northside Flower Market.  I am thrilled to share this article with you all….

BG: Hi Kim.. Thanks so much for spending two minutes with Barbara-George. Tell us about yourself and Northside Flower Market.
NFM: Northside Flower Market is Largest fresh flower market on the north side of Brisbane. It is a flower market through to full service florist. Deliveries daily, weddings, functions and corporate events every week. From a dainty corsage to a function for 2000, we cater for all people, all celebrations and events. I look after social media, marketing, corporate and events.

BG: What are the best things about being a florist?
NFM: It’s a very fast moving, dynamic industry. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate nature, creativity and make people happy. It is a very important job as we create memories, highlight milestones and become the family florist from engagement, wedding, babies, birthdays, celebrations and sympathies. No two days are the same and watching the changes in season and using new flowers and foliage is a wonderful job.

BG: If I had it my way peonies would be available each season but this is not the case! Can you recommend the best flowers to purchase each season?
NFM: Look at the peonies on social media in UK during their summer. In Brisbane get to know your florist. Go in regularly and see what is new. Find out what they are using each day and why. Trial new flowers at home and let your florist know how it went in your house. All feedback is good. Buy a little often, then you get to see the changes of seasons in your own home. Follow local florists as well as international and national on social media to see what they are using. Tulips, hyacinths, narcissus are in season now in Brisbane, as it’s winter.

BG: What are you tips for making our beautiful blooms last as long as possible?
NFM: The four C’s – clean clean clean and cut – clean vase, clean water, clean and cut the stems. Wash your vases and scrub them really well, if they’re thick glass use the dishwasher. Any green, slime or dirt in the vase will reduce the flowers vase life. Clean water, top up the water daily, mist the flowers if they are in air-conditing or heating. If you can replace the water daily that is ideal. Clean the stems – no leaves in the water, they will turn the water very quickly. Cut the stems on an angle about 2 cm from the bottom. Make sure they go into the vase of water immediately.

BG: What is the one piece of advice you’d like to give when it comes to choosing flowers for a special occasion?
NFM: Seasonality, and trust. If you love a particular flower find out when it’s in season and plan around that season. If you have been buying flowers from your florist for a long time you will have a relationship with them. They will look after you and you can trust them to do something beautiful to match your dreams.


So, if you are in the need for blooms to cater for a special occasion or even a bunch for home I recommend taking a visit to Northside Flower Market .  A business that has been owned by the same family for over 20 years – they know what they are doing!  Northside Flower Market is located at Unit 3, 27 Windorah Street, Stafford (behind the  Bunnings store)

Northside Flower Market Tulips, Roses & Stock 

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Pictures by Steve

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  1. Jenny - June 15, 2015

    Great article!! Great flower tips!! Great pics!! Can’t wait to visit NFM!!

  2. Cathy - June 15, 2015

    What a great article, great pics & now I know where Northside a Flowers are.

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