Two Minutes with Lily Cosgrove from Crossfit Mitchelton

Two Minutes with Lily Cosgrove from Crossfit Mitchelton

I am excited to be talking about a different love of mine today, Crossfit and to spend two minutes with a super chick, mum, glamazon, coach, mentor, Level 3 Trainer & CrossFit HQ Seminar Staffer, Lily Cosgrove from Crossfit Mitchelton.

Many of you know that I have been doing Crossfit for many years now, just over four to be exact, and I have continued to train throughout my whole pregnancy. Of course, I had approval from my doctor to do so and was given the tick that it was perfectly safe to keep doing what I had already been participating in but just “cheat”. In other words, go at your own pace, modify and don’t push it –  all possible with Crossfit.  I did however, find it interesting that the first question asked from many family and friends after announcing my pregnancy was “Are you still doing Crossfit”.

Therefore, I am thrilled to spend two minutes with Lily to talk more about what Crossfit actually is and what people thinking about trying Crossfit can expect.

BG: So awesome to chat with you Lily! Firstly can you explain what is Crossfit and can you tell us a little about your own Crossfit Story?
LC: CrossFit is a fitness program suited to everyone. The goal is to be fit for life. To not just retain functional capacity, but to master it. We use movements that life already demands of us: squat, push, pull, lift, run, jump. We vary our workouts using a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field because routine is the enemy. We work out at intensity because intensity is how we push our fitness to new levels. Intensity however is relative to each individual which means every workout can be scaled to suit everyone from an elite athlete to my 69 year old mum.
Before I started CrossFit I was a lawyer. I enjoyed the law, but I fell in love with CrossFit when my husband Phil introduced me to it. Training people and helping people improve their quality of life through fitness has become a passion for me and a way of life for my family.

BG: How did Crossfit Mitchelton come about?
LC: Phil, my hubby, started CrossFit Mitchy while I was working at another great gym, CrossFit Brisbane. He did all the hard work. He had some money from a tour overseas with the army and instead of putting a deposit on a house he put it into starting the gym.

BG: What can people expect when they sign up for Crossfit?
LC: To be pushed out of their comfort zone. To learn lots of new movements and feel a little overwhelmed at times. To make lots of new friends and realise that fitness should be challenging and fun.

BG: I have continued to train throughout my pregnancy & am lucky enough to have you as my personal mentor:) What advice would you give to other Crossfit mum’s to be out there?
LC: Firstly, it is important to have your doctor’s blessing to continue training. If you are fit leading into your pregnancy, it makes sense to continue training, but to reduce load and intensity as your pregnancy develops. It is helpful to have experience scaling workouts and to have different options when a movement does not suit you. The biggest thing is to listen to your body. If a movement feels unnatural or uncomfortable, just modify to something else. The goal is no longer pushing high intensity, the goal is to maintain a certain level of fitness and to keep moving.

(Me post workout – 32 weeks!)

BG: What about post pregnancy training?
LG: Post pregnancy I personally found to be more challenging than during pregnancy. I strongly advocate taking time to get your fitness back to what it was pre-baby. There is a natural tendency for some of us to want to rush, but it isn’t a race. I recommend taking the first 3 months post partum very easy and staying out of the gym, just walking and spending time with bub is best. After that, if you have to all clear from physio, start slowly doing squats, push-ups rings rows and maybe adding a very small amount of load to some slow barbell lifts. I recommend staying clear of high impact movements like jumping, running and olympic lifting until around 20 weeks post partum and then to introduce these back in very slowly with low volume. Take time, by around 6 months post partum you might be able to start pushing toward your old numbers and times. After 1 year you could be fitter!

BG: How can people get signed up at Crossfit Mitchelton?
LC: It’s easy, head to our website and book in for a free introductory session here:

BG: Being a busy mum with a family & business yourself, how do you Phil & Max like to wind down outside of Crossfit Mitchelton?
LC: We are home-bodies. We unwind by hanging out at home, watching tv, playing on the trampoline, just generally being as lazy as possible!

A big thank you again to Lily for spending two minutes with Barbara-George.  As Lily mentioned above, please check out Crossfit Mitchelton website here for more details or to sign up!

Love BG xo

Most images via Crossfit Mitchelton website & Crossfit Mitchelton Facebook page.



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