Two Minutes With “Lady Chatterley’s Affair”

Two Minutes With “Lady Chatterley’s Affair”


Meet my new treasures from Lady Chatterley’s Affair.


Now that you have been introduced to my delightful goodies, I am excited to present to you Tina Kent, the lady behind the business Lady Chatterley’s Affair. I had the opportunity to pick Tina’s brain about personal style and business so read on to find out more about this classy lady who for me, epitomises how to have your own personal style and own it.

BG: I love the name Lady Chatterley’s Affair? How did this name originate?
LCA: My business started out as a party & event styling venture. I’ve always loved the title of DH Lawrence’s book Lady Chatterley’s Lover and so Lady Chatterley’s affair was perfect as it encompasses an affair with fashion accessories, with home decorating and stylish events.

BG: What was the first stylish thing you bought?
LCA: One of my first stylish fashion memories is a pair of white patent Italian brogues that my Grandparents brought me back from Italy when I was about 5yrs old. They had sunshine yellow shoes laces! I remember feeling really special wearing them into town




BG: Tina, I admire you most for your signature style. Tell us a little bit about your style philosophy and the process for putting together your amazing outfits.
LCA: I think the most important thing about style is to dress for your age and body shape. No matter how on trend, expensive, or celebrity endorsed an item of clothing or accessory is it will look ridiculous if it is too tight, too short, too showy, too spiky or too fluro on the person wearing it. I think one of the greatest lessons a female can learn in life is to choose clothes that flatter her body shape and to understand how to alter these choices with age.
My personal style is quite conservative. I choose clothes with simple flattering lines- shift dresses, pencil skirts, a 1950’s party dress style, capri pants and classic cotton or knit tops. I use a lot of colour, pattern and texture in my accessories. I also mix and match the lot. I have found adding new affordable accessories to outfits that have been in my cupboard for years achieves a fresh new look.

BG: You also style for weddings, parties and home interiors. Where do you draw your inspiration from to create that perfect theme for your clients?
LCA: I seem to have taught myself through trial and error and reading a lot of interior decorating books! I have realized there are certain similar integral elements involved in theming a dinner party as there are in re-decorating your living room. Colour, pattern & texture are all so important



BG: What has been your most memorable job to date?
LCA: The home decorating arm of LCA is still developing as I juggle an online business with little children. In 2014 I did a few occasional chairs, lampshades and cushion projects for clients in Country Qld and Adelaide and it’s always lovely seeing their ‘new room’ pictures on Instagram.

BG: Tina, your online store is to die for. Where do your source your divine and unique pieces and are you involved in the design?
LCA: Most of our accessories are designed by Tina Kent and manufactured overseas. The process is exciting but takes a very long time. Other pieces are sourced from suppliers. It’s always a case of ‘when I see what I like I just know it will work!’



BG: You are also a mother of two beautiful children and wife. I imagine this would keep you busy! How to you manage running a household and a thriving business?
LCA: As every mother knows small children (and husbands!) are hardcore. Some days we are building a pirate ship while I am thinking about a new necklace design. And other days Henry and Alice will spend a good 3 hours playing ‘schools’ in the sandpit and I get so much done. I also stay up quite late working and wrapping customer LCA parcels! For me the balance works, it’s always 300% busy, I’m 500% tired and the kitchen table is ALWAYS a mess but I’m really happy in the chaos. And I’m happy with the coffee machine.

BG: This leads to my next question… How do you like to wind down here in Brisbane?
LCA: On Friday nights we have takeaway or go out to child friendly restaurants. If we have a kid free night I love to do dinner and a movie. I have a few lovely girlfriends with young children and we do ‘Friday 5 o’clock pizza’ with champagne at each others house. I like the Eagle Farm Markets on Saturdays, weekend bakery trips with takeaway coffees and I love vintage/antique shopping.



BG: What is next in the pipeline for LCA?
LCA: LCA Home is due to arrive this month which is a small collection of special pieces for your home. We have had so many new and interesting jewels arrive today and a new signature LCA Luxe Necklace arriving next week!

BG: Finally, what is your number one tip on how we can all achieve an effortless polished look?
LCA: I think it is so important to find your signature look, buck ridiculous trends and have the confidence to stick with a look you are happy with and that makes you feel fabulous. . Classic, ladylike, sophisticated fashion will never go out of style.

I like this quote by Anna Wintour ‘ Create your own style . . . Let it be unique to yourself and yet identifiable by others’.



I would have to say my favourite thing about creating my blog has been discovering new brands and talented local business women here in Brisbane.  Tina and her business Lady Chatterley’s Affair is no exception and you must check out the store here for yourself if your haven’t already done so.  Trust me, there is something on there that will spruce up your wardrobe in a second. I can’t thank Tina enough for sharing a little about herself with Barbara-George!

Love Barb x

Outfit Details

Look 1 – LCA High Society Necklace | LCA Shopping Basket |Gorman Dress (worn back to front, I liked the button detail to be at the back! | Windsor Smith Sandals | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Coach Silk Scarf

Look 2 – LCA Clam Clutch | Witchery Dress

Photos by Steve

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  1. Tina kent - January 28, 2015

    You look so lovely in these LCA pieces Barbara! Thanks for the great interview.
    Love Tina Kent xx

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