Two Minutes With Carys Martin from Intimo

Two Minutes With Carys Martin from Intimo

Last week I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Carys Martin to have a private lingerie fitting at home.  This couldn’t have been more timely for me. Given all the changes my boobies have been through with pregnancy and breast feeding, I had no idea if I was wearing the correct size bra. I wasn’t surprised to find out that I so wasn’t and I can’t thank Carys enough for reminding me how good it feels to actually wear a bra that fits WELL!

As women, we should all be wearing underwear that is well fitted. It is the basis of any outfit and can enhance how you look and feel.  Carys is bra fit specialist, boss lady and down right sweetheart who can help you to find the perfect bra just for your body type.  I spent two minutes with Carys to find out more….

BG – Thanks for spending two minutes with B-G Carys! To begin, could you tell us a little about the Intimo brand & service and your role within the company?
CM – Intimo is all about providing women with an amazing bra shopping experience. We have size range from a 8A to a 24G and loungewear from a size 6-24 so cater for all body shapes. We are bra fit specialists, so can provide women with their own professional bra fitting and recommend the styles that will best suit their body type and lifestyle. Intimo also provides women with a way to earn a flexible income. As a Senior Director within Intimo this means that I have supported many women in starting their own career, and mentor them as they build their own business. The Senior Directors within Intimo work closely with Intimo HQ to develop the very best possible product and shopping experience for our clients.

BG- You have been an Independent Lingerie Stylist with Intimo for over 10 years which is amazing. You are obviously very passionate about the brand, what would you say is the best part about working with Intimo?
CM – I do LOVE my business! I discovered Intimo when I lived in Sydney. I was a primary school teacher and at the time I was looking for a flexible way to earn around my children. We had recently emigrated from the UK and were just about to move to Brisbane. I decided to take the plunge and start my business. Best decision ever! Over the last 10 years with intimo I have had the most amazing experiences and learnt so much! From travelling the world 5 star, to being a keynote speaker at corporate events, to helping women rediscover their self confidence through the discovery of a beautiful, well-fitting bra. The most rewarding aspect however is being able to offer this to every woman I meet, and to watch as they themselves can begin to contribute to their family’s income.

I have met the most amazing, driven and strong women and I am now privileged to call them my friends! The best bit for me… I have been able to work from home around my boys, I have been able to fit my work around my husbands work, I have been able to put my families needs first whilst building an amazing business that has given our family so many opportunities.

BG – In your opinion, what is the most important reason for us women to invest in lingerie that fits correctly?
CM – Oh my goodness! For yourself! Never underestimate the power of a well fitting bra! Sue Whyte, the Founder of Intimo, was an F cup and always struggled to find bras that both fit and made her feel feminine. She was sick of wearing only beige coloured bras that were incredibly large, and so started Intimo to provide a service to women that is unattainable elsewhere. Wearing a well fitting bra is important whether you are an A cup or a G cup. It will improve your silhouette under your clothes, it will improve your posture, it will improve your self-esteem and give you a spring in your step. Well fitting lingerie is not about anyone other than YOU!

BG- What would be the bra from the Intimo collection that you would say is a must have for all women?
CM- A smooth everyday bra! You know that bra that just goes with everything? If you want a little boost in the cup size it could be our Everyday Dream Bra. If you want a simple contour bra with no added size, I’d suggest our Everyday Contour. Or if you want a smooth bra for a fuller cup our Everyday Smooth Miracle Bra. With your everyday bra I always recommend working in threes – one on your body, one in the wash and one ready to wear. It’s good to mix up your colour options, so that you have the ability to wear your everyday bra under lighter garments. Honey or beige is the best option for under white. You know your wardrobe! When I fit you for a bra we have a chat about what would work best for you and work in with your wardrobe. I love helping women build a lingerie wardrobe that means they have the correct foundation garments for every occasion.

BG – We discussed the importance of caring for your lingerie when we met but could you put a few dot points on how to do this for the readers out there?
CM- Ok so…
When you store your bras stack them in your drawer rather than folding the cups in on themselves.
If you can do them up at the back they will last longer. When you do up at the front and twist it puts pressure on the wires and reduces the life of your bra.
Its good to wash your bra after every couple of wears. The oils from your body, perspiration and moisturisers can break the fabric down and reduce the life of your bra. We do live in QLD… it’s sweaty, so in summer it may be after each wear!
The best way to wash your bras is by hand. If that is never going to happen in your household, then do the clasps up at the back, pop them in a bra bag and machine wash on a cold, delicate cycle.
Hang them in the centre at the bridge – basically keep the cups even.
Invest in a functional lingerie drawer where EVERY bra fits! I can help you with that! Sometimes it’s good to clear out those that you never wear and the ones that don’t fit. You can donate to and make a difference to another woman’s life! 

BG – I was super impressed with the range that Intimo offered from Everyday, Convertible, Active, Special occasion and fashion. What I loved even more is that sizing is the same for the whole range. So you only need to be fitted once then you can trust that any bra you purchase will be the perfect fit. This makes it so easy to go bra shopping! What is the best/easiest way for ladies get their hands on the Intimo range?

CM – You can access my booking service by simply calling me and making a date. Many women let their girlfriends know I am coming and have their own Pop Up Bra Boutique! Intimo offers exclusive style credits to women who share my bra fit experience with their girlfriends. This includes product vouchers, limited edition garments and discounts – the perfect excuse to shop and socialize. What’s great about my service is that I can cater it to suit your needs – whether you’re after a one on one fitting, a pop up boutique or a fantastic service for your fundraiser or event. I always keep my clients up to date with new arrivals via email or on my social media platforms. Once we have fitted you and know the style and size that works best for you, you can simply contact me to order and we have it shipped direct to your door. Easy! Just email or call me to arrange.


0416 776 075

It was a huge plus that Carys came to my house to fit me. It made the experience way more relaxing and Ruby was comfortable playing with her toys while I had the fitting. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have bothered having a proper fitting at any mainstream stores due to the inconvenience and therefore would have guessed my size – big NO NO. If you are interested in meeting with Carys then all of the contact details can be found above and you can also use shipping discount code  “BARB” when you order with Carys via phone, email or at a private fitting.

**Intimo also do wonderful things to help women who are affected by domestic violence and are also  involved with Project uplift. A project to help women in developing countries have access to the luxury of a quality bra.  They also understand the importance of breast checks and each bra comes with a breast check card to keep as a reminder**

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