To Snap Or Not To Snap

To Snap Or Not To Snap

Katies Grey Wool Coat | Witchery Dress (old) | Converse Sneakers | Ray Ban Sunglasses (old)

I am probably the only adult left in the world who is not on Snapchat. Slight exaggeration but it certainly feels that way.  So I am left with the dilemma of whether to join or not.  I am leaning more towards not joining because I admit I spend way to much time on social media as it is. Instagram mainly, not so much Facebook, so do I really need to join in on yet another social media platform?  There is the added chore of setting up another account and another password – arghh – not sounding very appealing.  Also, I don’t know much about Snapchat other than that you have the option of only having your pictures up for a certain amount of time? I need more information! By the way, will my world fall apart if I don’t keep up with news of Snapchat. I will miss out on sticky beaking a little more into everyones coming and goings, that is partly why we follow right?  Do we not have enough of this with Facebook & Insta?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking social media at all. It is has been super useful for me in terms of discovering so many new things like clothing, food and toys & also helping me to connect with so many wonderful people through blogging.  There is plenty of good that comes with the bad.  I am just not sure if I need another platform to grow. So what do you think? What will I gain by joining? I would love to hear your thoughts and the pros and cons of joining Snappy and if is was worthwhile for you.

Changing the subject slightly, the weather was so dull and grey last week/weekend here in Brisbane so I took advantage and wore this amazing grey coat from Katies.  I have been looking for a grey coat just like this for years and I finally found it – when I wasn’t really looking for it – why is this always the case? It was a small investment into what will become a longterm wardrobe staple. And, my blog had a complete malfunction last week, yes I was the culprit, I won’t go into what I did but the outcome was I had to revert back to my old theme so I can manage things from my end and not rely on others for coding.  So you may notice that the layout is back to what is was when I first launched my bloggity blog blog.  Ciao for now.





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