The Missoni Style – one to LOVE for home



I love Missoni. I love anything Missoni. Did I say I love Missoni? Missoni is one of the world’s best known and most popular fashion and design names. You may be familiar with the boldly colourful concept of zigzags, stripes and waves that make Missoni clothing pieces so unique. If you are not, then I suggest you take a minute to explore this fashion icon now and I promise you will fall in love.

Now I must mention, Missoni clothing and accessories do come with a hefty price tags however, you can still own a little piece of this luxury brand by only spending peanuts.  See, Missoni offers a magical Missoni Home line, where you can pick up gorgeous handtowels, bath towels and candles from between $35 -$150.

A Missoni hand towel hanging in your bathroom offers somewhat a touch of luxury and a pop of colour to the space and the candles look and smell deliciosos.  I have a started collected a small Missoni collection for my home…… hand towels hanging in my baths and a candle on my bedside table but a bathrobe and cushions are definitely on my wishlist! Not forgetting the wardrobe, I also recently picked up a pretty little Missoni knit headband on sale for half the price from Net-a-porter.  BGx


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