The Fable

The Fable

My love affair with silk shirts has long been due to their versatility, longevity and that luxe feeling wearing such a beautiful fabric gives you.   Recently I was acquainted with The Fable .  The label was launched by Sophie Doyle and specialise in ethically and hand-washable made silk shirts.  I was immediately drawn to The Fable and couldn’t wait to try one of their shirts – they did not disappoint. The shirts arrived promptly, beautifully packaged, fitted perfectly ( thank you size chart), were true to colour and felt amazing on.  In addition to the shirts, I was truly inspired by Sophie’s story on how the label came about and her choice to produce the shirts ethically.  I wanted to know more and Sophie kindly shared the following answers..

BG: What is the background story on how you got started with your business and explain how you decided on the name The Fable: Silk Shirts and Their Stories?

SD: Before launching The Fable I worked at L’Oreal Luxury for four years where I marketed Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. After leaving my job, I went and lived in an Indian yoga ashram in the Himalayas. From here I travelled India and visited a town called Jaipur where I discovered the textile industry. I had always loved silk shirts, but never been able to find one which met all my needs so I decided to make it myself. “The Fable” is symbolic of the story behind how the brand came to be and the focus on an ethical and transparent production and supply chain.

BG: Your shirts are ethically made, explain this further & in your opinion, what do you think it will take for society to shop more consciously in this regard?

SD:Having travelled India and seen first hand the often difficult lives people live, I felt it was imperative that The Fable would be a brand which would look after the people involved in manufacture and make a commitment to do good. The Fable tailors are paid an ethical wage, work only in safe and comfortable conditions and are employed by a small family run factory who have a genuine regard for their well being. There is equally a focus on minimising environmental impact in production and natural vegetable dyes are used to dye the silk.  

In regards to consumer shopping, I think at present the challenge is the lack of brands offering products which are ethically made, wearable and affordable. Often only two of the three boxes are ticked. In order for consumers to choose ethically, there needs to be more ethical brands which offer products which they actually want to buy at a price which their willing to pay. There equally needs to be more transparency around these brands so consumers can easily discern between who to choose from.

BG: What influences you in your shirt designs?

SD:I take a lot of influencer from customers feedback. Before bringing out a new range I will email customers to find out what shades and prints they might be interested in. However, the shirts are designed to be timeless and transcend seasons, so the design focus is ultimaetly on colours and prints which will last.

BG: What is it about silk fabrics in particular that you are so drawn to?

SD:I love the feel and fall of silk. It’s a fabric which has a wonderful ability to be dressed up or down and easily transitions from day, night to weekend. I have also found it to be a staple fabric, one which never goes out of style.

BG: How do you hope people feel when wearing your shirts?

SD:I hope they will feel like they are wearing a something beautiful, chic and comfortable, and equally relaxed knowing it is hand-washable and does not requrie expensive and annoying dry cleaning.

Wearing The Fable “Blue Steel”

** This post is in collaboration with The Fable.  All photos and thoughts are my own**

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