The 40 Week Mark

The 40 Week Mark



40 Weeks

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Having officially hit the 40 week mark of the pregnancy with no signs of baby coming any time soon, it seems we are going to have a fashionably late kid on our hands! I wasn’t expecting this at all & when I finished work 4 weeks ago I thought for sure this baby was going to come early and was so concerned I wouldn’t have time to cross everything off my to do list before the arrival. When will I learn that worrying and stressing are wasted emotions! Especially when things are out of your control.  Back to the the list I had,  it is well & truly completed – yep all ticked. I have nothing left to do but loiter around the house in hope of some action. So with this bit of spare time I have decided to write a post.  This article is a little raw than my usual posts- no makeup, no clothing chit chat, no fancy camera or fun locations in sight.  Just a few selfies of me in everyday clothes that I have taken at home with my iPhone of my growing bump and words on my experience over the last few weeks of the pregnancy. I figure its my blog & I will write what I want to 😉  I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been normal with no problems and I have felt healthy and fit throughout most of the 10 months (yes your actually pregs for 10 months) however, I do have to honestly admit that the last few weeks of this journey have been quite a struggle emotionally and physically.  From what I hear, its completely normal and you just need to hang in there which I have been trying hard to do. Not easy for an impatient control freak! I can feel myself getting more restless as the days go on, as well as feeling extremely large, my hands and feet are so swollen & sore and pretty much every part of my body is aching. Sleeping comfortably is not really an option, stretch marks have reared their ugly head, (even though I have been religious my with moisturising arghh!) and my only exercise is walking Charlie, my dog, to the park and back (about 500 meters lol!).  It is fair to say that I selfishly want my body back.  But then, I take a look at my scan pic of baby and my heart melts, friends will message me with words of support, or Steve will come home, make me laugh & tell me he is so excited that its nearly time to meet our little bubba and it reminds me of the precious prize ahead we have to look forward to.  It is truly amazing that you grow a little human inside of you and like anything, you have to take the good with the bad and just enjoy the  whole ride – start to finish.  I seriously can’t wait to meet, hold & love our little one and am so ready!

Love Barbara-George xo

39.5 weeks

39 weeks

38 Weeks

All pics my own via Instagram.

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  1. Brooke - November 25, 2015

    Barbara … you look absolutely amazing! I love those photos of you and don’t worry, your body will be yours again in no time, I’m sure of it. Until then, try to enjoy the calm and the quiet and good luck for the days/weeks ahead! xx

  2. Cath - November 25, 2015

    Hang in there Barb all will be good.

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