Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Country Road Tee | Seed Heritage Skirt | Windsor Smith Sandal | Le Specs Sunglasses

I am a little excited that I was able to get out today to do this outfit post.  Officially, this isn’t my first blog post since having Ruby but for some reason it feels like it is. It could be due to the fact that I am not so severely sleep deprived  as I was a few weeks back and I have somewhat of a thought process happening 😉 (yes Ruby has been sleeping through the night – can I have a hooray please!) Initially it did feel a little strange getting back to the blog. Not only have the logistics changed – our extra little person that comes along to help with the pics 😉 but my own energy to get into “Blog Mode” so to speak.  A friend of mine once told me that you lose your identity somewhat after becoming a Mum.  I didn’t entirely understand at the time but I do now.  I am the same person but different if that makes any sense! Its been over two months since Ruby arrived and it still feels surreal that I am a Mummy.  I think its fair to say that I do have a different perspective on certain aspects of life – more relaxed I think.  In terms of wardrobe, I still love to dress up and crave it more now given that most days I struggle to change out of my pj’s! To my surprise, I found freedom in dressing while pregnant and let go of some inhibitions to embrace my new curves and it has carried through post-partum. I do feel more comfortable in my body than I ever have &  feel brave to perhaps wear something that I never would have before.  I am excited to see where this new found confidence leads…

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I loved putting it together for you. Thanks for stopping by.

Love Barbara-George xo

Pics by Steve 

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