Sequins & 12 Things About Me

Sequins & 12 Things About Me


It will soon be the one year anniversary of the blog (very excited for you & me!) so I thought it was about time to share a little bit more about myself to you.   So here goes…12 Things about Barb McKellar in no particular order

1. I own way too many sequin jackets, jeans and white tees.  I cant get enough of them and this would be my everyday uniform if I could have one.


2. I am a Crossfit addict and have been for 3 years. I love the feeling of  lifting heavy stuff and achieving things I never thought I could when it comes to fitness.  (thank you coaches down at Crossfit Mitchelton)

3.  I have a full time job as a Business Analyst . Blogging is my second full time job! (which I love more)


4. I love music ( pop and rap mostly) and I have to listen to it in the morning to start my day.  If I really like a song,  I will play it on repeat for a week. ( or until I cant listen to it anymore)

5. Lately I am all about breakfast or lunching.  Dinner time is for watching movies in my pj’s with my boys.  DSCF4644-1

6. Movies – favourite comedy movie would be Bad Boys 2, favourite drama – cant decide between the Interpreter or Blood Diamond. I am very picky when it comes to choosing movies to watch which is very annoying to my husband.


7. Favourite cheat meals are hot chips, pizza and gelato ( always hazelnut). Fav healthy meals are salads, veges, fruit & I am totally obsessed with quinoa.


8. I enjoy cooking and would say I am reasonably good at it.  However,  I am unable to bake. My scones end up as stones and my cakes fall apart


9. I am Greek.  I have 45 first cousins and I cant live without lemons, fetta cheese and marinated olives . I also blame my large appetite on my mother!

10. I only drink water, tea & juice (very occasionally),champagne & cocktails. I don’t like coffee, wine or beer.


 11. I am super good at the board game Pictionary but totally suck at Articulate.

12. My personal style is all about what I love and feel good in. It cant be put into one box.

So there you have it.  Hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and the pics taken by my husband Steve. (thanks babe!) BG xo

Outfit Details – Sportsgirl Sequin Jacket (Old) Similar here | Country Road Tee | MNG Jeans | Country Road Slips | Pappilionare Bicyle

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