Roses…Mi Amore Voluspa

Roses…Mi Amore Voluspa






My love affair with delicious smelling candles has been a long one & therefore my house is filled with them! For me there is nothing better than relaxing with a magazine while burning a candle and taking in the lovely perfume, or burning a candle just before bed time and walking in to a fragrant room. I also love to burn a candle before having guests over so the room is filled with a lovely inviting smell.  Yes, I will burn a candle at any opportunity I can get!   I do have a soft spot for Voluspa candles due to their creamy white look and feel and their high volume of fragrance.  There is also a huge range to choose from but my favourite is the citrus/fruity fragrances.  What’s your favourite candle?

Love Barbara-George

All pics my own.

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