My Pregnancy Must Haves

My Pregnancy Must Haves


As I mentioned in a previous post,  I plan to throw a few maternity articles into the mix on the blog over the next few weeks.  To start with, I want to share what have been my “essential items” so far during my pregnancy.

Bio Oil for Stretch Marks

I decided to use Bio Oil to prevent stretch marks on boobs, belly and legs.  I began using it at around the three months mark and it has worked a treat. (I actually think it has cured some previous stretch marks I had!)   I use it each night after I shower.  You can pick up a large bottle for the reasonable price of $14.95  from Chemist Warehouse & my first bottle lasted around three to four months.

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Berlei Maternity Bras

In the first three to four months of my pregnancy my boobs were growing at what felt like the speed of light.  I found the changes very overwhelming and crazily I kept buying new bras to keep up with the changes. I thought it was too early to buy maternity bras..!   At around four months on yet another bra shopping expedition I had a discussion with a lovely lady in Myer and she assured me it definitely wasn’t too early to get into maternity bras.  So, she professionally measured & fitted me right there & then and I stocked up.  I found the Berlei Maternity Bra’s the most soft & comfortable.  It was the BEST thing I ever did.  I haven’t had to buy a new bra since and don’t plan to until a few weeks before my due date.

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Belly-Bean Support Pillow

At around 6 months into my pregnancy I began to get a little uncomfortable in bed and therefore my quality of sleep began to suffer big time.  A was a little sceptical about those long body pillow things but knew I had to do something.  I randomly stumbled across Kayla Boyd’s Instagram account one day and saw that she recommended the Belly Bean maternity pillow.  I was pretty much sold reading the testimonials on the website  ” I was only sleeping for a few hours a night and had my first full night sleep with the Belly-Bean pillow”!! I ordered the pillow & it arrived within 2-3 days.  It has been super beneficial in terms of comfort for my back and hips and getting a longer & better night sleep.  I like that it offers support to both sides. I will probably continue to use it after the pregnancy.

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Maseur Sandals

You may remember these from the 90’s lol!  I think I had a pair when I was in high school! Before I knew I was pregnant I bought a new pair to relieve tension in my feet from the gym and they have since become a life saver throughout my pregnancy!  My feet have been getting insanely heavy and sore in the past few weeks so as soon as I arrive home from work I wear these around the house for 20 minutes to get a bit of circulation happening and relieve some stress.  This ritual goes hand in hand with Steve giving my feet a little rub each night 😉

Maternity Clothes

I think Maternity Clothing definitely needs it’s own post so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks!!

Have a great week.

Love Barbara-George xo

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