My Nappy Bag Essentials

My Nappy Bag Essentials



Our little love Ruby is already 9 weeks old! Motherhood certainly has been the best/hardest job I have ever had to do and although it hasn’t been easy figuring everything out, I do feel like I have gotten into a groove with it all.

When I was pregnant I was hitting the internet hard reading what others recommended having in your nappy bag and what type of bag is the best to buy.  Over the past two months I have figured out what works for me and thought I would share.

Firstly the bag.  I purchased a ridiculously (but lovely) expensive nappy bag from Mimco and I haven’t used it. It is far too big and bulky.  Nevertheless, it is still a great bag and may come in handy later down the track.  I have found that a smaller size tote style bag is way more manageable. I purchased mine from Witchery & it fits everything I need without weighing a tonne. Looks stylish as well 🙂

What’s in it?

I actually don’t carry too much & there hasn’t been any major meltdowns yet so winning!

  • Nappies at least five
  • Wipes
  • Nappy Rash Cream (the Mustela is so luxurious)
  • Disposable nappy tidy bags & change mats ( I also use the change mats on my change table at home)
  • Outfit change – in case of leakage! Yes I have been caught a few times now!
  • Burping cloth & washer
  • Muslin Wrap
  • Bib
  • Cushioned change mat in case you have to change on a hard surface. ( I got mine from Bella Buttercup)
  • Hand Sanitizer

Ruby doesn’t take the dummy, if she did I would have one of these handy and of course any medicines that are required.  In the early weeks Ruby was taking Colic medicine for an upset tummy during the day so I would carry that with me in a plastic snap lock bag. I think it is just about time to have small toy/rattle on hand for Ruby.

In terms of my own items, I throw my purse, phone & lip balm into any spare compartments of the tote. Another idea could be to use an insert for your items to keep them separated but I like to have my items at hand’s reach. When I am super organised I will pack nuts & a bottle of water to snack on if I need to nurse her when we are out. It is quite funny how little I carry  with me now in lieu of a handbag these days!

Love Barbara-George xx

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