Muses, Mother-in-Laws, Rockstars and Italian Lunches!


Inspiration is the fuel that keeps my creative side running and it comes from many sources, magazines, nature, internet and even rockstars.  Now when I say rockstars I am not talking about the “Stevie Nicks” type (not dissing as she is mind-blowing!) but the everyday people who do amazing things type.  I have been lucky enough to have been around creative people most of my life and one in particular is my mother in law Mickey McKellar.  This lady is pretty special.  She can cook, dress and decorate to make even the most creative eye envious.  I don’t mind using Mickey as my muse.

These are some pictures that Mickey was kind enough to send through for my blog of her recent Italian Feast.  The menu is below, mouthwatering.  Bill McKellar (father in law) also grows the most amazing roses, inspiration central!

LemonsLake ViewSunflowers2 3 flowers




Tuscan Beans & Sage on Crostini

Baked Olives with Garlic and Citrus Twist


Goats’ Cheese and Sweet Capsicum Salad

Olive Bread Rolls


Veal stuffed with Olives

Side dishes served on buffet

Pasta with veal jus

Braised Fennel

Spinach, Green Bean Salad with Almonds

Warm Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad


Tulip Shells with Three Berries

Praline Truffles & Coffee

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