Minimalist Wardrobe

Minimalist Wardrobe


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Back in the day (my early twenties) my wardrobe, in terms of colour, was minimal.  When I say minimal, I mean you wouldn’t have caught me wearing anything else but black, black & black.  I remember at the time, making a conscious decision that  my wardrobe would be  reduced to only this hue.  I embarked on this style journey  for quite sometime and I cant really remember when I started to embrace colour again.  Perhaps it was when I discovered Camilla!

These days I am happy to have a good mix of colour and black in my wardrobe (so is my husband!) but I will always have a soft spot for  black pieces. Whether it be a nice black top for going out or a versatile black dress, this colour certainly makes a statement. The dress I am wearing here is from Elk. I love it because it is super stylish and comfortable/easy to wear. You may know Elk from their quirky accessories but they also offer a great line of women’s apparel.

The pics in this post were taken in Melbourne where I was lucky enough to take a very short escape to over the weekend.  The weather was a little gloomy but the window shopping more than made up for it.   I checked out H&M – had to line up to get in the door? When I finally got in it was a little too mad for my liking so wasn’t in there for too long! Zara is always good to take a look but my visit to the new Emporium was definitely the highlight. I have to say this place blew me away.  The line-up of shopping is very exciting to say the least and Kate Spade, yes gals, Kate Spade is opening up soon – this store will be mine next visit…

Elk Dress|Boots, Scarf and Beanie all Sportsgirl

Photos my Steve|Location- Southbank, Melbourne.

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