Bomb’s Away

Bomb’s Away


Dotti Bomber Jacket | Assembly Label White Tee | Feather & Noise Tash Jeans | Converse Sneakers

Recently I caved in and got myself a bomber jacket.  I say that reluctantly because as much as I am interested in fashion, I am not so interested in following/wearing trends as much.  Why did I? Well, thanks to Gigi and Kendall, the the bomber jacket has emerged on the street style scene in a big way and really doesn’t look to be going anywhere fast.  Given that the bomber is currently so hot, I am seeing it styled everywhere I look – mainly all over Instagram – so I suppose there was a little bit of old fashioned peer pressure or fear of missing out out that may have helped encouraged me to think about investing in one.

Then, the opportunity presented itself when I opened an email from Dotti saying they had 20% off everything and there popped up a PINK bomber!  The decision was made right then. I mean it was a steal at under $55 and it was pink after all. I am pretty happy with my purchase and have no regrets.  I wore it on Sunday and it is incredibly warm and comfortable so I am confident that I will get heaps of wear out of it and it will pay for itself in no time.

How to style it? My first port of call was with denim and a white tee of course – no brainer.  But, I am also very keen to wear it with a slinky dress & sneakers. For further inspo I visited my old friend Pinterest and put together a few looks I loved below.  If you are looking for one yourself, they are pretty much available at a plethora of mainstream women’s fashion stores so do your research as you will more than likely pick up a bargain buy. (for example here)


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