How To Wear The Wide Leg Trouser

How To Wear The Wide Leg Trouser

We all love our skinnies and they won’t be going anywhere fast but I am making a case for the wide leg trousers as the perfect alternative coming into Spring. Yes, wide leg trousers have a looser silhouette but they are not necessarily hard to master. It’s all about balancing proportions to keep that extra volume flattering.  I purchased a white pair a few years ago and they have become an invaluable staple in my wardrobe. (So good, I got a black pair as well)  I think what I love most about the wide leg is that they can truly be dressed up or down.  Here are a few ideas on how I like to wear them…

Wide Leg + Statement Jacket

Adding a jacket creates an irresistible chic look to a wide leg.  Try throwing a patterned jacket over the shoulder for a casual day out or add a classic well tailored blazer for a more dressier night time look.

Wide Leg + Tank Top

Tank tops and wide legs are a match made in heaven. By keeping it fitted and simple on top, you add definition to take away from the volume below to keep a well balanced look.

Wide Leg + Some Skin

Don’t let the whole party be at the bottom when wearing wide leg pants. Create some allure by pairing them with an off the shoulder top. Add some statement earrings to further glam up your look.

 These are just a few ways to wear a wide leg pant.  A few other ways (sourced from my Pinterest bible) could be

Wide Leg  + TShirt

Wide Leg + Blouse

Wide Leg + Belted

Endless options. Will you let the wide leg can be a power piece for your wardrobe?

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