Feature piece – St Frock Madison Knitted Dress with Waist Tie (kindly gifted)

Denim Jacket (old) | Sandler Shoes Balmoral Boots (kindly gifted) | Sportsgirl Necklace | Runway Scout Shades

I can’t help but laugh when I begin to edit the pics that Steve takes for the blog. Most of the pics are laughable really.  I am falling over my feet, pulling strange faces, talking midway click so my mouth is wide open.  Steve has also pretty much banned me from not wearing sunglasses as I am forever blinking when I don’t – such a loser! Somehow how though he always manages to get a few pics where I look sort of cool and “posey”.  I think he does a pretty amazing job considering what he has to work with and also the conditions I put him under (trying to shoot in the middle of a road – fail!) Poor little Ruby watching from the side lines, she must think her parents are complete weirdo’s!  I suppose what I am alluding with all of this is that I really don’t take my self too seriously, I am certainly not “cool” by any means & I am not up myself – even though it may come across that way in my pictures on this blog. ( Or that I even write a blog in general)  What I can say about me is that when I do something I will always try and do it to the best of my ability, so that means yes being a little “posey” for the blog pics,  in hope that I can provide the best quality pictures that are enjoyable for you to look at it 🙂 You wouldn’t want to see the bad pics, trust me haha!   Ok, enough babbling about me, can I quickly talk about possibly the most flattering dress I have ever owned? This StFrock knit dress is it. The fabric is fitted but is thick enough that it disguises any lumps and bumps while the waist tie at the front actually flatters the tum. Hello, perfect for post pregnancy.  Not ideal for breastfeeding but I still wore it over the weekend as I knew I would be able to get away with not having to feed the little miss. It felt so nice to wear an awesome dress again, even for a few hours!  Currently available here.

Pics by Steve

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