Glam Makeup Looks with Issada

Glam Makeup Looks with Issada


My supply of Issada loose mineral powder foundation was getting low and I had an event to attend so thought what better time to indulge and have my makeup professionally done by the lovely ladies at Issada!

Feeling inspired, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try one of this year’s new looks, metallic eyeliner in blue.  Let’s just say Ligia my makeup artist outdid herself and produced this look on me which I absolutely loved.  To get the metallic line on my lower lid, the shadow in the colour turquoise was applied wet and of course lots of mascara was used on my lashes for an extra dramatic touch.  As my eyes were the feature, a light pink  lipstick was the way to go and Micro Lilac was just perfect.

The great thing with this year’s looks is that they are easy enough to do yourself with the right tools from Issada and a few tips.  What looks will you be trying this party season?


On the way to glam


The finished product.  I love this liner.

Lip Colour is so lovely and soft


Having fun with the gorgeous Ligia


A bit of shopping/ eye candy while I’m there


The store is so pretty &  when you have your makeup done you can redeem the cost on products



Cant forget the nails!


The inspiration for my look…


A few other looks I plan to try…


Cats Eye

Photos are my own. Other images sourced from Bazaar, Vogue & Google.

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