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Karen Walker Sunglasses |Sportsgirl Fur Vest  & Necklace | Adorne Bag | Country Road Boots – All not current except for necklace

St Frock does it again with this gorgeous is this little dress! I love its bohemian feel print & style.  I am currently crushing on shorter length dresses with longer sleeves.  It creates the perfect balance.  With its lightweight fabric, this number is suitable for the cooler months and to transition into Spring. Think black leggings and a leather/denim jacket or with some faux fur  & boots as I have worn here on a cooler day. Then as it warms up, pair with a pair of gladiator sandals and hat. Don’t forget to add some cool jewellery like a statement ring for added hippy feel.  The best part, its under $60 ladies.  Get in quick here.

When I was thinking about what else to write about tonight I decided I was going to talk about an experience I had earlier in the week.  I wasn’t sure whether to write about this, mainly because I know I shouldn’t let these things bother me, but I am going to anyway.

After a pretty hectic week being a mum, Ruby and I went along to our regular Thursday morning swimming lesson. Upon arriving there was another Mum there changing her baby girl and I proceeded to sit Ruby down next to her and after the friendly hello’s the Mum felt the need to tell me how tiny she thought Ruby was. ” Wow, she is so tiny, not like my little chubba here”. Ok, thanks I guess!  As the day went on I couldn’t help but continue to think about her comments and the more frustrated I became.  Mainly because I had let a complete stranger make me feel like I was a bad mum (when I know I am not) just because she thought my baby was tiny.  I let it get to me.  I was also disappointed that a fellow Mum would say such a thing.  How would she have felt if I said to her that her baby was huge? (Something I would never say, by the way!)  As Mum’s we are all doing the best we can and babies come in all shapes and sizes, some big & small.  So why don’t we just say that your baby is beautiful rather than she/he is huge or tiny?

It got me thinking about society’s pressures and how I am going to need to get a much thicker skin so I can get Ruby through all of them.  I want Ruby to grow into a confident human being and be comfortable in her own skin.  I can’t control what other people say or think so it is so important to just control what I can.  So to that Mum and any other Mum folk out there, how about passing on saying the unnecessary comments.  And here is a tip,  how about just keeping it simple and say something like we are all doing a great job at this tough gig called Motherhood.

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  1. Alicia - July 24, 2016

    There’s so many judgemental mums out there who think they’re doing a better job than anyone else….. Boo to them I say.
    P.S. I don’t think Ruby’s tiny at all (maybe she was self conscious about her fatty hehe). Ruby’s perfect just the way she is & that’s all that matters x

    • Barbara - July 24, 2016

      Thanks Alicia, yes there are. It all comes down to how you manage it 🙂 I agree, Rubes is healthy and happy & that is the most important thing! xx

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