Fav Baby Items

Fav Baby Items

Ruby is almost 11 weeks and I feel pretty confident in saying that we are out of the “blur” that was those first 6-8 weeks of coping with a newborn!  Those early days were certainly challenging times and while the what seems endless crying and sleep deprivation is unavoidable there were a few items that did help me through that time & I thought I would share!  I would also love to hear any ideas or thoughts on your experience if you are a mummy 🙂


Love to Dream Swaddle

I started swaddling Rubes with a muslin cloth for the first few weeks (when she was sleeping like a dream) and it was perfect, she looked so cosy and comfortable. I was actually getting super good at wrapping also! However, when she began becoming more unsettled with silent reflux she would always wriggle her way out of the muslin (no matter how tight I had wrapped her!) and wake her self up. I started to use this swaddle after a friend recommended it has made a massive difference for sleep time. Ruby is just as cosy and comfy in the dream swaddle.  I like that she can still have her little hands upright & self-soothe by sucking them.  The swaddle is so much easier to use and I feel has helped Ruby create an association that it is sleep time when she gets zipped up!

Oricom Babysense Monitor

As Ruby is already sleeping in her cot, I wanted a baby monitor where I could hear and see what she was up to. The Oricom Baby Sense2 has been a great investment.  Even though her room is super close to ours, I still wanted peace of mind at night that I would be able to hear and see her at all times.  It has also worked a treat for day as I can lay her in her cot for naps and have the monitor with me while I can get things done at home to be immediately alerted when she needs me. It also has some other features like a night light, music and temperature control which have also been helpful.


Medela Electric Swing Breast Pump

I purchased this breast pump while pregnant with not being entirely sure if it would be required.  In the early days when my milk was still coming in it was of no help, however now that things are working well in that department I use the pump every day without fail.  I like to have a few bags of milk stored in the fridge/freezer  in case I need to “top up” Ruby during growth spurts or if I have to leave her for a few hours.  The pump is very simple to use.  The pack includes a few storage bags but it might pay to buy an extra box to have on hand.

I am still yet to find the perfect bottle that Ruby likes.  We have tried the Medela and Avent so far but there has been no consistency with her taking either of them!  I have just ordered a few Comotomo bottles but I am yet to give them a go.

The Bouncer & Baby Carrier!

Holy moly this chair is a life saver! In the early days we tried everything to find something that Ruby actually enjoyed and it wasn’t until one day I started bouncing with her on the bed and she instantly stopped crying! Steve was sent out immediately to pick up this chair!  When we first put Ruby in it and turned on the vibration she gave us the biggest smile – it was gold 🙂 I use this chair every day, she still loves it.  I have her in the chair while I am in the shower some days (while keeping a close eye on her) and she entrains herself while I am able to have my hands free to get dressed.

Hug a Bub baby wrap & Baby Bjorn  – Ruby loves being carried in both of these and usually falls asleep whenever she is in both.


Love it or hate it – this book helped me a lot! It actually saved me 😉  I found the tips on burping for babies with reflux made so much sense I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, a few days after implementing  a few techniques and routines recommended in the book, Ruby started to sleep for larger blocks throughout the night. One night she even slept for 10 hours! I follow the suggested daytime routines loosely however I am religious about the night routine.

I have had quite a few questions around what apps I have used throughout pregnancy and if I use one now. The only app I have used is called the Baby Centre and I have been really happy with it both throughout pregnancy and now.  I find I just take the advice that makes sense to me and don’t worry about the rest.

Some websites I use religiously are the Raising Children website, Breastfeeding Association & of course 13Health Line has been a god send 🙂 A little tip – you can speak with a child health nurse when you call the hotline if you ask straight up.


Ruby had the most sensitive skin when she was born as she was overcooked!  Her skin actually peeled for weeks and I felt like the most horrible mother!  It wasn’t until Steve’s sister suggested we use AlphaKeri at bath time. This stuff is amazing in terms of nourishing baby’s skin & it smells delicious.  It’s quality has far exceeded other “organic” products that I had been previously using.

Post Pregnancy Recovery

I used Nancy Ganz shape wear post pregnancy for weeks to assist with holding everything together & toning my hips and tummy.  I found my obliques would get quite sore and having that extra abdominal support helped big time.  I also wore my Lululemon tights most days in those first few weeks as I felt more comfortable in some sort of compression clothing.

So there is my wrap up of some things that have helped me in these first months of post pregnancy.  I hope it helps you & I would love to hear what helped you too!

Love Barbara-George xo

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