Choosing The Right Shades For You

Choosing The Right Shades For You

Shady Lady


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 Karen Walker Northern LightSuper Sunglasses

When it comes to accessory stakes, sunglasses are just as important as a handbag or shoes.  And, not only are they a smart wardrobe add on but they serve as the best defense system for our eyes against sunlight and harmful UV rays.  We should be wearing them- this a no-brainer!   Choosing the right pair that suits your face, well that’s a different story.  There is so much choice out there so here are my guidelines to help become the perf shady lady.

SQUARE FACE: Stick to slightly curved frames. Try  aviator or wrap styles.

ROUND FACE: Square, rectangular and cat’s-eye shapes are most flattering. Make sure the frames are wider than they are tall.

TRIANGULAR FACE: Thin rims and vertical lines will flatter.  Try sleek oval frames with coloured lenses.

OVAL FACE: Suits most styles of sunglasses, however pick frames in proportion with your features.   A cool wayfarer style is timeless yet sexy.

So when you have found that perfect pair, don’t forgot to look  after those babies.  Here are some  tips to keep your sunglasses in tip top condition:

  • Keep your glasses in the case unless you’re wearing them.
  • Never put glasses on your head like a headband as it stretches them out.
  • Use a proper cleaning cloth to wipe down your frames.
  • Don’t leave your shades in the car, especially during the summer as the heat will warp them beyond repair.
  • If you set your glasses on a table, make sure to rest them lens side up to avoid scratches.

Love BG x

Feature image by Vivien Murray at VAMM Creative

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