Chocolate Minus The Guilt = Meraki And.Co

Chocolate Minus The Guilt = Meraki And.Co

Its is a long overdue recipe article for the Barbara-George blog today and yes chocolate is involved.  However, these little raw chocolate truffles of heaven are practically guilt free thanks to the help of Meraki And.Co.


 As I am currently taking part in a nutritional challenge through my cross fit box Crossfit Mitchelton for the month of November, I have had to find ways to curb my sugar cravings as naturally as possible!!  A few recipes have been shared ( thank you Lily Cosgrove for your chocolate balls – they are so good!) and as I was searching for some alternatives, I came across Meraki And Co‘s, The Soul Box, a raw chocolate kit.

I am such sucker for good marketing so I was very keen to find out what this was all about.  I ordered the The Soul Box online here and within the same day it arrived to my door!


The kit contains everything  you need to experiment with raw cacao and make your own raw chocolate treats.





By following a few simple steps, in less than 45 mins (30 mins cooling time) I had made my own little chocolate truffles and was in cacao heaven!




The Soul Box contains enough ingredients to make two batches of raw chocolates, with each batch making 15 chocolates. Yes, they tasted very very good. Delicious in fact, I am a fan.  I like the concept of being able to make these yourself and that you are not just limited to just making the truffles.  The box provides other ideas to use the blissfull ingredients, including fondue, a chocolate nut block to snack on and also chocolate milkshakes.  I have already made my roasted almond block with my left over ingredients and can I just say – delightful!! This box is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a raw, healthy and delicious alternative to eating chocolate. It tastes so much better!

More info on Meraki And Co & the benefits of cacao here.

Love BG xo

All pics my own.

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