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I am six months, or 24 weeks, pregs now (where did that go?) and I haven’t had a chance to share with you some fun facts about my pregnancy so far, so better late than never right!

I found out I was pregnant on a Friday night. On the same day I had caught up with a work friend for lunch and I remember telling her how exhausted I was feeling and she asked if I had taken a pregnancy test recently.  Not thinking too much into it, (I put the exhaustion down to being ill two weeks prior with a throat infection and cold) that night I picked up a pregnancy test on the way home and took it for the hell of it- it was positive! A few moments after taking the test, Steve asked what the result was & I casually said it was positive, showing him the test.  He was super excited and overjoyed as was I,  after nearly a year of trying to fall, it was a beautiful surprise to say the least!

The next day, Steve’s car was stolen from our car park lol!  We both handled the car theft so well, especially Steve, I think it was due to the fact we were both so happy about the wonderful news.  I took myself off to the Dr that week and had a scan shortly after to confirm that I was about 7 weeks along.

From advice by our GP, we made the decision not to share the news with all our friends until after we had safely passed the first trimester and that was quite difficult.  I was just about bursting by the time the twelve week scan came around! Leading up to the scan, I was so nervous – more nervous than I had ever been about anything in my life, and it was a huge relief to hear that our little bundle was perfect and everything was progressing as it should. To hear that heartbeat and to see our baby was surreal.

That moment was definitely a highlight of the first trimester.  The four weeks of nausea I had most certainly was not! The nausea started at around 8 weeks and subsided at around 11 weeks.  It was an all day, everyday nausea that never went away really.  I pretty much lived on pasta, bread, cheese and fried chicken for most of that time as that was all I could stomach. The thought of eating anything green repulsed me! Given that I had cut out bread, pasta & most cheeses from my diet for the past 4 years, it was a huge adjustment to have to go back to eating them on such a regular basis again!

The second trimester has been so much more enjoyable.  I feel great.  My eating has gotten back to normal, I haven’t had any unusual cravings as yet, apart from fruit. I can’t seem to get enough 🙂  I have heaps of energy & have gotten a hang of how to deal with all of the changes that continually happen to your body during pregnancy. My bump has popped and we can feel and see our little bundle punching and kicking away. ( I spend way to much time watching my belly move around!!) I grow more and more in love with our baby McKellar each day.

Many of you know that I am mad about Crossfit and I have continued training at Crossfit Mitchelton throughout the whole pregnancy (under strict guidance from my Obstetrician of course) by heavily modifing my workouts.  I am grateful that I can do this as it is important to me to be a fit and healthy mama.

Finally, maternity clothing! I have been hitting Asos pretty hard as I have found they have a great range of stylish maternity basics like jeans, dresses and shirts.  Otherwise, I have found it difficult to find any maternity clothing that I actually like. I have been able to just go up a size in normal clothing so far, which is a bonus as I can continue to wear them after my pregnancy.  I find dressing for  work the hardest, keeping things corporate when your pregnant can be a bit of a challenge!

With baby McKellar arriving in later November, it will be time to start preparing the nursery in the coming months.  I haven’t had time to think about it much as yet as Steve & I have recently purchased a new house and are renovating it. Well Steve is doing most of the renovating, all I can do is supervise which is a bit frustrating, for both of us 😉  I hope to start getting all that organised in September/October so if anyone can offer any ideas for decorating or great baby stores please drop a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

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  1. Cathy - August 10, 2015

    Great post! Beautifully written. Photo’s are beautiful and you are absolutely blooming. What a great way to memorise these moments, wish Instagram had been around in my day or even a mob lol xx

  2. Vicki - August 12, 2015

    Hey Barb, have you tried Mamas Home at Windsor? They have a nice maternity section!!!

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