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Bed Dress






DSCF6929Country Road Cushions & Blanket

When it comes to bed linen talk, I only ever have two words – black & white. I have experimented with colour in the past but it never felt or looked right. (Even my husband thought it looked a bit strange, when I lay a colourful doona at the end of the bed!)   Thankfully, black & white are generally easy colours to buy & keep the look fresh & simple but modern.  I also follow a few basic rules when it comes to dressing my bed:

  • If you have an ensemble, then a valance or bed skirt is a must
  • Good pillows & at least two of each per person.
  • Layer it up at the end of the bed – in summer I layer with a light blanket & winter use something heavier or more of them
  • You only need a few decorative cushions – seriously who has time to fluff around with a thousand cushions when making the bed. It can also look over the top.
  • Simplicity is best when it comes to colour palette – I like neutral colours for linen – it doesn’t fade & will always look fresh. Bring colour through with decorative items.

Thanks for stopping by! Love Barbara-George xo

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