Two Minutes With Stephanies Urban Spa

Two Minutes With Stephanies Urban Spa


So last Friday I treated myself to my favourite Signature Spa Treatment at Stephanies Urban Spa at Bulimba.  I have been going to Stephanies since I moved to Brisbane which was over 6 years ago and I always look forward to my visits there.  I particularly like the Signature Spa Treatment as you get the best of both worlds, hot stone back massage and facial.  I always leave feeling amazing and my skin glows for days.  When it comes to my skincare, I do follow a strict ritual morning and night, however I like to have a professional facial every three months for an extra boost.  The staff at Stephanies are always very helpful and while I am there I  usually learn something new about my skin and how to enhance my skincare regime.  I always pick my therapist brain about new products that are available to try and keep my skin looking its best.  I thought I would do a small Q&A with Sandra Assadi to share with you all, and let you in on some secrets for healthy and glowing skin.  Enjoy. Love BGxo

Can you take us through each step of the Signature Skin Treatment?

This is a Stephanies Favourite! We start with a milk bath and rose petal foot soak, and we will exfoliate your feet with our signature Stephanies Body scrub. Then we will do a 30 minute back massage with hot stones. Hot stones are fantastic for muscle aches and pains and is super relaxing as well, we will “melt away” your tension! We finish this wonderful treatment with our 60 minute classical facial: first of all your therapist will do a consultation so she can tailor the facial for you and so you can achieve the best results. Then we will start with a double cleanse on your skin, then we apply a toner, we will do a good exfoliation to remove all dead skin and after that we will do a heavenly neck and shoulder, face and scalp massage. After that, we will apply a mask (depending on your skin type and condition), and we will finish off by applying the right serums, eye creams, face cream and sunscreen.

Two main focuses for my for skin are my eyes and pigmentation, what are some of your favorite tips/products for getting rid of under eye circles and puffiness and reducing the severity of pigmentation?

These two are some of the most common concerns. Before I tell you what to do I think you should know what not to do! 

Dark Circles/puffiness: first you have to try avoid stress 🙂 , coffee, tobacco, alcohol, spending too much time in front of the computer…(if you manage to avoid all of those, please tell me how you did it! J ) the skin around the aye area is completely different than the skin on the rest of our body. Therefore is has to be treated differently. Eye creams with Vitamin K helps with the poor circulation or fluid retention around the eye area, although nowadays the Skin care companies use many different ingredients and you can achieve great results but it is very important is that you are consistent with your home care routine.

Pigmentation: it is super important that you use a good sunscreen. SPF between 15 and 30 should be enough, and always remember to re-apply. Not only  will you avoid the appearance of sun spots , but you will keep your skin healthy and protected against sun damage and all its consequences.  At Stephanies we use Jane Iredale  mineral make up, and almost all of its products contain a high SPF, they are fantastic!  To Treat pigmentation, it is very important that you visit your skin specialist first, so she can prescribe the right treatment, but nowadays the most popular treatments that will help with pigmentation are Microdermabrasion or chemical peels. We offered them both at Stephanies and  they both help with the skin cells turnover, and lightening the color of the skin  and I have seen great results with these treatments, or even combining them both.

What are the top products you can’t live without and would recommend to everyone?

Being in the industry for over 15 years, I can say that about 50 % of people do not use the right face cleanser, or don’t use one at all! This is one of the main reasons why people have dry or/and sensitive skin. By using the wrong cleanser you can cause a ph change on your skin, and you might remove some of the “good” oils that we have on the surface of our skin, and this might lead to other skin concerns. So my number one recommendation is: cleanse your skin with the right cleanser. (if you feel your skin dry right after you finish cleansing, that is not good!).

One of the products I cant leave without is the Thalgo BB cream. It has an spf 15, and it has great coverage and it feels super light.

Another “must have” are the Thalgo  Hyaluronic eye patches. These are fantastic for those days when you feel tired eyes or when you have a special occasion. You just need to apply the patches under you eyes for 10 minutes and the puffiness and dark circles are gone for the day! Every single women should have these in her toiletries bag!

I also love every product from the Payot Body Range (especially the slimming and firming cream and the cellulite treatment…they work!)

What are some at-home treatments you can do in between facials to maximize your results?

The best you can do is exfoliate your skin twice a week and then apply a mask whenever you feel your skin needs it (maybe every 10 or 14 days?) you can have as many masks as you want, it depends on what you want to treat on that day. I have a brightening one, for when I feel I bit tired (cryodetox mask from thalgo…amazing), I have an anti ageing mask (design lift mask, from Payot…fabulous!), an energizing mask (chitosan mask, by Kerstin florian) and a purifying mask. (masque d’tox, payot)

If you cleanse your skin with the right cleanser, and you use a SPF, and a good night cream. And you do your mini facials once in a while…you will have a beautiful skin! You can come and see your skin specialist for a free skin consultation and we will be  very happy to help 🙂






All pics sourced from Stephanies Urban Spa Website


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