8 Ways To Make Denim Interesting

8 Ways To Make Denim Interesting

Denim. Its the best. It is the most versatile staple for your wardrobe and it never gets boring. Need more convincing? Keep reading for 8 ideas on how you can make your denim more interesting.

Ripped Denim

The ripped denim trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and if it did I don’t care I would still wear it.  Try it for a laid back cool feel to casual day outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear it out at night either. Looks on point with black & pair of high pumps.


Layering is ideal for the cooler months and it means you can use bits and pieces from your summer wardrobe.  Try not to go to overboard with too many pieces though, stick to two items and maybe a jacket over the top if you need extra warmth.

A scarf

Next time you are standing in your wardrobe saying to yourself “I have no clothes” try reverting to  denim, white tee & scarf. This is a no fail combination every time.


I have mentioned before in a previous post that denim, tee, blazer & heels is one of my most favourite outfit combinations.  Basically its a no brainer.  Try this combination for a casual Friday at work or any day really.

Long Cardigans

I am a huge cheerleader for this longer length when it comes to a knit or cardigan.  They are super stylish and can be worn all year round.


The stripe is also a staple for any wardrobe.  Its versatility is up there with denim so it makes so much sense that are a match made in heaven when worn together!


Denim and white will always be a winner. Try white shirts, knits, tees or long sleeve shirts.  It is fresh, classic and you will always look & feel polished.


Denim doesn’t necessarily have to mean wearing blue! Throw a black or white into the mix for a complete new look.


Try a new shape, for example flared denim.  This seventies trend is still strong and not only is it a bit of fun its also flattering for most shapes.

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