7 Things I Can’t Live Without being a Mum

7 Things I Can’t Live Without being a Mum

Its no surprise that I love dressing up & like to think I am sort of stylish but lets be honest, it becomes hard when you become a Mumma!  Some days I am lucky to be out of my pjs and showered before lunch let alone have time to straighten hair, wear makeup or put on something nice to wear. However, there have been a few pieces that I have worn non stop over the past four months and managed to still feel good & slightly fashionable! So I thought I would share with you…

1.The Hat

When I do find the time to wash my hair that is where it ends. Straightening is a luxury, therefore,  I resemble the lion king most days!   This is when a hat is my best friend.  Lucky for me, my love affair with hats started way before becoming a mum so I am making good use of my collection. Caps, fedora’s, boaters all of these are suitable to help throw together an otherwise boring outfit & make it look stylish and now. Try Cotton On & Sportsgirl for some bargains buys.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.54.55 am

2.The Scarf

I am nursing Ruby so the milk bar has to be available 24/7. This means wardrobe options are limited to  being simple and allow easy access.  I have found myself wearing t-shirts or strapless dresses all the time as they are practical can be sweetened up to look chic. One of the most easiest ways to do this is with a scarf.  It also doubles as coverage 😉





3. Sunglasses

Have you noticed that I wear sunglasses in most of my posts these days? Sleepless nights and zilch time for makeup means coverage of the eyes is required!  New Mum’s out there you with me?!! I love Ray Bans as they are super dark and I also don’t mind Witchery for an affordable everyday alternative. How cool are these pair below from Runway Scout for $30!

4. The Tote Bag

I have raved on about my love for totes as nappy bags in a previous post and I am going to do it again today!  They just make sense. Its makes it easy to find things, totes are lightweight, they fit in the bottom of the pram and they look super stylish.

5. The Onepiece Swimsuit

Necessary full stop!  If you can get into a bikini just after giving birth than kudos to you but most humans find themselves more comfortable in a full piece that offers some good support.  Not only for those visits to the beach (which still have not happened for us yet but soon hopefully!) but for when it comes time to take your babes to swimming lessons etc. The one piece does not have to be boring or daggy.  Try Capriosca Swimwear for a flattering and stylish piece.  I also found a great black one piece from Roxy swimwear.


6. B&B Cream

Did I mention there is no time for makeup when your a new Mum?  Being someone who wore makeup everyday without fail, it has been a big adjustment to head out the door with zero.  I still really don’t feel comfortable bare faced so I needed to find a super quick option and B&B cream has hit the nail on the head. It is literally tinted moisturiser & makeup all in one without the need to use primers or powders etc.  I am currently using Alex Cosmetics which provides amazing coverage and a great matte finish but I would also like to try the Body Shop product. Do you have a B&B cream that you love?

7. White Sneakers

Dont knock em till you tried them! I have way to many pairs but they are so handy & you can literally wear them with anything from jeans, shorts, dresses.  I am obsessed with the no lace slip on pairs from Seed. (below)  Easy to throw on while injecting a little coolness into your outfit. Only downside is that they will get dirty  – surprise surprise! ;(

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