The 40 Week Mark


40 Weeks

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Having officially hit the 40 week mark of the pregnancy with no signs of baby coming any time soon, it seems we are going to have a fashionably late kid on our hands! I wasn’t expecting this at all & when I finished work 4 weeks ago I thought for sure this baby was going to come early and was so concerned I wouldn’t have time to cross everything off my to do list before the arrival. When will I learn that worrying and stressing are wasted emotions! Especially when things are out of your control.  Back to the the list I had,  it is well & truly completed – yep all ticked. I have nothing left to do but loiter around the house in hope of some action. So with this bit of spare time I have decided to write a post.  This article is a little raw than my usual posts- no makeup, no clothing chit chat, no fancy camera or fun locations in sight.  Just a few selfies of me in everyday clothes that I have taken at home with my iPhone of my growing bump and words on my experience over the last few weeks of the pregnancy. I figure its my blog & I will write what I want to 😉  I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been normal with no problems and I have felt healthy and fit throughout most of the 10 months (yes your actually pregs for 10 months) however, I do have to honestly admit that the last few weeks of this journey have been quite a struggle emotionally and physically.  From what I hear, its completely normal and you just need to hang in there which I have been trying hard to do. Not easy for an impatient control freak! I can feel myself getting more restless as the days go on, as well as feeling extremely large, my hands and feet are so swollen & sore and pretty much every part of my body is aching. Sleeping comfortably is not really an option, stretch marks have reared their ugly head, (even though I have been religious my with moisturising arghh!) and my only exercise is walking Charlie, my dog, to the park and back (about 500 meters lol!).  It is fair to say that I selfishly want my body back.  But then, I take a look at my scan pic of baby and my heart melts, friends will message me with words of support, or Steve will come home, make me laugh & tell me he is so excited that its nearly time to meet our little bubba and it reminds me of the precious prize ahead we have to look forward to.  It is truly amazing that you grow a little human inside of you and like anything, you have to take the good with the bad and just enjoy the  whole ride – start to finish.  I seriously can’t wait to meet, hold & love our little one and am so ready!

Love Barbara-George xo

39.5 weeks

39 weeks

38 Weeks

All pics my own via Instagram.

Lately On Instagram

Out & About

November Desk Situation

Les Bubbles – so good!

Milk Bar Maternity Pillow from Fertile Mind

This pic featured in November Harpers Bazaar Issue :)

I heart brownies very much!

Ze Bump

New Totes

Keeping Time

Chillin with the bundle

A little wrap up of whats been happening over over the past few months on my Instagram account.  Don’t forget to follow here for a daily dose of Barbara-George.

Much love xx

All pics my own from @barbaramckellar

Language of Love

St Frock “Language of Love” Maxi Dress in Sunset | What About Wolfie Earrings | Seed Sandals

Ok, so this post was scheduled for Sunday however I decided to post early in hope that I will have a healthy & happy babe in my arms by then!

Let me start by saying….how beautiful are the colours in this amazing maxi dress! I am super excited to share news that I have collaborated with St Frock to show off this amazing piece!   I have been a huge fan of St Frock for a few years now for their affordable and fashionable, yet wearable pieces. This “Language of Love” maxi dress is an example of what beautiful pieces St Frock have to offer.  For me, this maxi will be on high rotation throughout summer for me due to its lightweight fabric and comfortable, yet sexy cut. It is also versatile enough to work for both day & night –  wear casually out for lunch with sandals, belt and bright accessories or dress up for evening with some nude heels, clutch and sparkly earrings. It is certainly a winner for me.  I also love this shorter version here in the same sunset print for under $50!!  You can shop this dress and other St Frock pieces right here – get in quick!!

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

All pics by Steve

Dress is Gifted

Christmas Gift Edit 2015

Under $50 

Baby Inflatable Flamingo | C’est La Vie A5 Notebook | Taylor Aviator Sunglasses – All available here

Aerin Waterlily Sun Soap | Gregory Ladner Boxed Set Double Pearl Earring | Kate Spade “Eat Cake For Breakfast” Mug – All available here

Under $100

Lace Up Eyelet Kaftan | Alessandra Slide |Contrast Panama – All available here

Jo Malone London Christmas Cracker | Lacoste Travel Shopping Bag | Kate Spade Daisy Place Square Dish – All available here


Camilla Bat Sleeve Dress | Karen Walker KW Hollywood Pool Sunglasses | Miu Miu Eau De Parfum | Mimco Synergist Necklace | Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – All available here

A few little gift ideas for your Christmas shopping 😉

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

Florals & The Pointy End

Asos Maternity Dress | Sportgirl Flats | Prada Sunglasses | Micheal Kors Watch

It is certainly the pointy end of the pregnancy now with this coming week hitting the 39 week mark!  The past few weeks have been a little difficult, not only due to my hefty size but not being able to shake a terrible cold and sore throat has meant I am averaging probably 2-3 hours sleep per night fighting a throbbing throat and continuing to feel ordinary during the day.  Maybe this is my body preparing for when baby M arrives and I will be getting zero sleep!  That I am fine with, it is just this throat thing that is a menace. Fingers crossed, I get to 100% health before the push party begins :) Each day has also been filled with different emotions. I am nervous as could be about becoming a mum all while bursting with excitement and anticipation to meet and start caring for this little one:)  One this is for sure,  we are ready and are patiently waiting for our little bundle to make their way into our world for us to officially meet :)

 All that aside, Steve & I headed out for lunch for my belated birthday celebration (plus I was in desperate need to get out of house & off the couch!!) and although I wasn’t feeling at all glamorous, I decided to get dressed up.  I love this dress from the Asos maternity range.  The floral fabric is little girly, & the cut is oh so feminine.  It is also extremely comfortable and cool to wear which is very important at this stage of pregnancy! The background doesn’t really do the dress much justice (not much thought went into this location, sorry guys!), it is definitely more vibrant than what it looks.

Also, I am in the throws of putting together a post on maternity dressing and a wrap up of my own bump style so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

Two Minutes With Colleen Canivet from “Next Door Artisan”

Fred + Heidi Handmade Candle

I love a bit of online shopping just as much as I love checking out what is on offer at our local markets here in Brisbane. However, I don’t always have the time to explore our markets as much as I would like to.  So, I was pretty excited to hear about  Next Door Artisan, a new online retail outlet recently launched by Brisbane based Canadian entrepreneur, Colleen Canivet.  Next Door Artisan, focuses on local, handmade products all at fingertip reach!  The store aims to connect customers with local small business, designers and artisans working with a range of mediums with each product being hand selected by Colleen herself.

I spent two minutes with Colleen to get to know her and of course learn more about what Next Door Artisan has to offer us.

BG: Hi Colleen, thank you for spending two minutes with Barbara-George. Before we talk about Next Door Artisan, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? In particular, being Canadian, are you enjoying the Brisbane lifestyle?

CC: Hi Barbara-George, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I have lived in Brisbane for nearly 2 years and absolutely love the lifestyle! I really enjoy the number of public events, markets and festivals available within the city and the way everything is so accessible. I live really close to South Bank and it’s such a gorgeous public space with so much to offer. For me, Brisbane is the ideal city. There seems to be new cafés and bars opening regularly enough that there’s always something new to do, but not so fast that things are unfamiliar. I grew up in Toronto, and absolutely love Toronto as well, but there’s something to be said for being able to walk across the CBD in half an hour AND being able to do it all year round. It’s hard to be away from my friends and family at home and I miss the snow and being really cold, but I do love Brisbane.

BG: You recently launched the online store, Next Door Artisan. Congratulations! Can you tell us how the idea came about?
CC: When I began Next Door Artisan I was helping my partner out with the online store for the craft beer brewery he co-owns with his brother, Little Brother Brewery. I was really enjoying learning about the ecommerce platforms, their functions and analytics, and was even learning a little HTML coding. Having always thought the technical side of opening an online retail store would be too difficult to learn, I was quite proud of myself for how quickly I was picking things up (truth be told, many of the ecommerce platforms I’ve looked at are very user friendly). Around the same time I was working on the online store, I was also looking for a few gifts on Etsy. I became discouraged with Etsy when I found the same product on multiple stores, pulling into question the authenticity of the handmade and local nature of the product, and was repeatedly finding stores ‘located’ Australia that were actually featuring handmade items, handmade in factories overseas.

Baisel & Co Handmade Cushion

BG: The online store features locally designed and handcrafted items, all of which are hand selected by yourself. What do you look for when you are choosing a supplier/product?
CC: The first thing I look for when selecting a supplier is the motivation behind the maker. I have been completely blown away by the artists, designers and makers I’ve met and the passion they hold for what they do. I’ve also been fascinated by how much the makers know about their craft and have been lucky enough to have conversations about their processes and production methods, all the while learning about the unique and subtle techniques involved in creating. Before going through this process, I never once thought about how my leather was tanned, but know I can’t look at leather without thinking about its tanning method. It’s really important to me that a maker has taken the time to get to know their materials or medium, and how the elements of their materials and designs work together. I think when a maker has a passion for what they do, that love carries through. When selecting a product, I really appreciate timeless pieces as well as pieces that are fresh and contemporary.

Bullhorn Leather Hand Made Luggage Tag

BG: How can an artist or creator get in touch with you to join your community?
CC: The best way for a maker to get in touch with us is via our website’s About Us/Sell With Us page , or by email at We ask the creator to tell us a little bit about their products, processes and materials, and ask that they include their contact details. We’re really focused at this stage on expanding the number of suppliers, and I get really excited about the idea of meeting new makers!

My Humble Collection Handmade Bracelet

BG: Your partner Andrew is also an entrepreneur with his own photography business and craft beer brewery. What do two entrepreneurs do to unwind here in Brisbane?
CC: Work, ha ha! When we’re not working we love getting out to local markets, and checking out new small galleries or studios. We really enjoy going to events that have a creative or inspiring aspect to them, and we love learning about what other people are doing and why. Being around other creative people really gets us thinking and fuels our own creativity. Another one of our favorite things to do is take our push bikes out along the river, or bike around the city and pop in to a small café or craft beer pub on a Saturday afternoon. There’s always something to keep us busy in Brisbane!

You can visit and shop Next Door Artisan  right here. With over 100 products available finding that special something is just a click away all while helping to support local creatives – win! Happy Shopping :)

A big thank you to Colleen for spending Two Minutes with Barbara-George

All pictures via Colleen Canivet, Next Door Artisan

Team M

Keep It Personal Cap | Seed Dress | Converse Sneakers | Seafolly Sunglasses

For me personalised items are that little more special than the run of the mill off the shelf purchase.  I found Keep It Personal through Instagram and they offer a great range of products that can be personalised – a unique gift idea coming into Christmas! I am pretty stoked with my cap that I am wearing here.

In life news, I am now over the 37 week pregs mark and things are getting quite squeezey!  This past week has been about recovering from a terrible flu so I hope to feel a little better this coming week to be able get a things done around the place.  Also, Steve makes his first appearance on the blog this week.  I love this picture of us :)

Hope your week is a happy one.  Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

Two Minutes With Nodo Donuts

I have no shame in admitting that I have eaten doughnuts for breakfast…. and you should too! If your thinking one of those Homer Simpson plump cake pink frosting with sprinkles of top type doughnut, then you would be so wrong. The doughnuts I speak of are wholesome baked with fresh ingredients, are 100% gluten free, delightfully decorated and are available in the dreamiest of flavours – they are Nodo Donuts. These decadent circular treats have become an addiction of mine since I stumbled across them last year at the markets and Kate Williams (the brains behind Nodo) has now answered Brisbaneites prayers by opening the first Nodo Donuts concept store at 1 Ella Street, Newstead.

  I was lucky enough to attend the launch last Friday of the store/cafe, a cosy light filled space that has been beautifully put together, to get treated to my favourite flavoured doghnut, Strawberry with Shredded Coconut and Couverture Hazelnut Dark Chocolate & almond milk hot chocolate to celebrate. I am also excited to have had two minutes with Kate to talk about the Nodo  journey and how these delicious doughnuts came about to become a Brisbane institution.

BG: Hi Kate, can you tell us why you decided to launch Nodo Donuts?

KW: I have always dreamed of owning my own business. I was diagosed with coeliacs disease 8 years ago, and I thought my life was over. There were limited choices when dining out and it kind of took the fun out of food. Doughnuts were always my favourite childhood treat, so I thought they were the perfect target for a healthy makeover to put the fun back into wholesome baked goods.

BG: What did you do before Nodo Donuts?

KW:I worked as a Marketing Manager. I loved the creative side of the role, working with design agencies but always had a calling with the hospitality industry.

BG: Nodo Donuts is quickly become a Brisbane institution. How did you get such a large following?

KW: I was so in love with the business and product when I started at the markets, and it was amazing to see that others felt the same. I didn’t realise how many people suffered from food allergies and intolerances. The business has really grown organically from the markets when I started 2 years ago.

BG: Do you think Nodo Donuts is something that is uniquely Brisbane?

KW: Yes absolutely! Brisbane is such a fantastic and supportive market for new businesses. Everyone has really got behind Nodo and helped spread the word.

BG: How do you come up with your delicious flavours & what is your favourite?

KW: I never stop thinking about the business and dreaming up different flavours. I get inspiration from everywhere and love simple combinations that are meant to be together. My favourite always changes, I seriously love them all. I think my top two would be Blueberry Ricotta with Lemon Cheesecake & Pistachios, and the Strawberry with Shredded Coconut and Couverture Hazelnut Dark Chocolate.

BG: What are you plans for the future of Nodo Donuts?

KW: I want to continue to grow and evolve the business. My plans for the immediate future are to launch our own café in Brisbane. I want to get a feel for the café, connect with everyone and take it from there.

BG: What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

KW: You always hear the same answers to these questions, and I hate to be cliché but it’s so true – don’t be afraid of failure. Just go for it. I have a new appreciation for anyone who starts their own business. It’s the scariest yet most rewarding thing you can ever do.

BG: Finally, what do you like to do in your downtime here in Brisbane?

KW:I love to visit all the beautiful cafes and restaurants around Brisbane. We are lucky to have such great choices.

 No doubt Nodo cafe will become a new weekend favourite for Steve & I & baby M to chill and curb our sweet cravings.  Again, a big thank you to Kate for spending two minutes with B-G all while in the midst of setting up this amazing concept store.

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

All pics my own

Maternity Bag – What to Pack?

Since I am only a hop, skip and jump away from full term, the maternity bag must be packed!  Yes, it is still not packed much to Steve’s horror..  it is on my list to finish today! (It is suggested you have your bag packed at around the 30+ week mark) Given this is my first pregnancy, I am certainly no expert but thought I would share what I am planning to take with me to hospital for the “big day”.  I am not sure about other mumma’s out there but I felt a little overwhelmed as to what to pack as no pregnancy is standard and advice from a few people was to pack for different scenarios… If I did that, I would need a trailer.  So after reading several lists from various sources including the hospital, other bloggers & plain old google there seems to be one common thread and that is not too pack too much.  Practical items mixed with a few home comforts is the key.  So here is my list :

  • health insurance
  • loose tshirt dress & comfy sports bra for labour ( I just went to Target for these)
  • dressing gown (cotton on)
  • day clothes ( I have gone for comfort here – ripe nursing tees & bonds black/grey yoga pants)
  • maternity bras ( I purchased some comfy bamboo bras which are seriously soft)
  • some sort of compression underwear or belly wrap
  • flip flops and comfy shoes
  • pyjamas ( I have gone for button down tee & pant sets which can be worn after)
  • socks
  • plenty of underwear (a few sizes bigger but still firm fitting, I am going with bonds)
  • an outfit to wear home – (a loose fitted tshirt dress)
  • toiletries – (the usual – toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, moisturiser, tissues, hair bands- travel sized everything where possible)
  • breast & maternity pads
  • basic make up – tinted B&B cream, blush, lip balm
  • Phone + Charger & camera
  • A few magazines (my indulgence!)

As well as my own bag there is Steve’s bag to consider and it will include:

  • phone + charger
  • cash
  • snacks (such as nuts etc)
  • a pair of board shorts (to help out in the shower if required)
  • towel
  • thongs

Of course, most importantly there will be the bubba’s bag, more on that on a later post 😉

On another note, reality has certainly kicked in now. I am officially on maternity leave,  an adjustment in itself, and potentially only weeks away from meeting baby M.  Lots of excitement and nerves in the household at present!

Thanks for checking in, love Barbara-George xo

Summer is Coming

Sussan Top | Camilla Pants (old) | RMK Heels | Camilla Earrings (old)

It certainly feels like Summer has arrived already here in Brisbane, (it’s true what the say about feeling the heat when your pregs – for reals!) so it’s time to start rotating the whites and brights back into the wardrobe.  You may be thinking, she is wearing off the shoulder…. again! What can I say, my décolletage is my favourite part of my body – no more justification needed right?! I am pretty sure this white top will be on high rotation in summer, whether it be with shorts, pants, jeans or skirt.  It  will also provide easy access when I am out & about and need to feed the little bundle 😉  On that note, I am now officially on maternity leave which means we are getting close to the arrival!  First things first, yesterday I spent most of the day sorting my wardrobe into my “mummy wardrobe”. I figure there won’t be much time to decide what to wear each day so I put lots of options together and have them all ready to go for when the time comes – one less thing to worry about until we settle into our new routines :)  Have a great week, love Barbara-George xo

Flavours of Queensland

Meet my new favourite book, Flavours of Queensland!  This beautiful publication from Smudge Publishing showcases the best of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and North Queensland local restaurants, bars and cafes.

Each page is filled with recipes from hidden laneway bars to fine dining restaurants, information about farmers markets and history and culture, all intertwined with stunning photography and beautiful illustrations.

Flavours of Queensland uncovers close to 100 restaurants, bars and cafes along the east coast along with a unique recipe from each of the restaurants featured.  My favourite the 12-hour slow roasted lamb shoulder from Hatch & Co here in Brisbane – yummo!

Get your copy from smudge and all leading bookstores.

Happy reading!

Love Barbara-George


All pics my own

*Flavours of Queensland gifted


Chicwish Dress (Not Maternity) | Windsor Smith Flats | Coach Tote | Mimco Earrings

We had Steve’s niece’s 18th birthday party over the weekend and on the way we thought we would take advantage of the blooming jacaranda trees here in Brisbane & take some pics.   This time of year is just beautiful in Brisbane with the weather warming up and trees blossoming with colour over the place.

Changing pace to clothing for a minute, have you heard of Chicwish?  If you are looking for something a little unique with spring racing coming up,  it is a great little shopping site for quality and affordable dresses, midi skirts and coats.  I have purchased a few things from the site, including this little pink off the shoulder number, and have always found the service reliable.  This dress ticked many boxes for me – pink, off the shoulder, versatile – tick, tick & tick!  I was pretty stoked that I was able to still fit my growing by the day bump in – win! (just lol)

In other news, this week is my last week from my full time job before I head off on maternity leave, eek!  I am definitely feeling more nervous about motherhood now given that in a few weeks baby McKellar could arrive any day 😉  Any advice from other mumma’s out there & how were your nerves before the arrival of your first bub?

Love Barbara-George xo



Farfetch Men’s Yang Li Oversized Shirt | Calvin Klein Mesh Back Cap | Alexander McQueen Scarf | Sun Buddies Type 02 SunglassesLarsson & Jennings “CM” Watch | Women’s Aquazzura Lace Up Pumps

This shopping post is also part of a Farfetch competition I am entering where you are to style clothing items from the menswear category into a feminine outfit.  Yes you read correctly, all of the items above (minus the killer heels) are all men’s! I have to admit I had lots of fun putting this post together and channelling my inner tomboy by stealing some of the boys style.  I love all of the pieces and this is an outfit I would wear myself without a doubt. I am crushing over this oversized shirt..why? Because of its simplicity, cut and casual appeal. I would also happily  invite all of the other items into my wardrobe – especially that scarf ! :)

Love Barbara-George xo

Two Minutes with Lily Cosgrove from Crossfit Mitchelton

I am excited to be talking about a different love of mine today, Crossfit and to spend two minutes with a super chick, mum, glamazon, coach, mentor, Level 3 Trainer & CrossFit HQ Seminar Staffer, Lily Cosgrove from Crossfit Mitchelton.

Many of you know that I have been doing Crossfit for many years now, just over four to be exact, and I have continued to train throughout my whole pregnancy. Of course, I had approval from my doctor to do so and was given the tick that it was perfectly safe to keep doing what I had already been participating in but just “cheat”. In other words, go at your own pace, modify and don’t push it –  all possible with Crossfit.  I did however, find it interesting that the first question asked from many family and friends after announcing my pregnancy was “Are you still doing Crossfit”.

Therefore, I am thrilled to spend two minutes with Lily to talk more about what Crossfit actually is and what people thinking about trying Crossfit can expect.

BG: So awesome to chat with you Lily! Firstly can you explain what is Crossfit and can you tell us a little about your own Crossfit Story?
LC: CrossFit is a fitness program suited to everyone. The goal is to be fit for life. To not just retain functional capacity, but to master it. We use movements that life already demands of us: squat, push, pull, lift, run, jump. We vary our workouts using a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field because routine is the enemy. We work out at intensity because intensity is how we push our fitness to new levels. Intensity however is relative to each individual which means every workout can be scaled to suit everyone from an elite athlete to my 69 year old mum.
Before I started CrossFit I was a lawyer. I enjoyed the law, but I fell in love with CrossFit when my husband Phil introduced me to it. Training people and helping people improve their quality of life through fitness has become a passion for me and a way of life for my family.

BG: How did Crossfit Mitchelton come about?
LC: Phil, my hubby, started CrossFit Mitchy while I was working at another great gym, CrossFit Brisbane. He did all the hard work. He had some money from a tour overseas with the army and instead of putting a deposit on a house he put it into starting the gym.

BG: What can people expect when they sign up for Crossfit?
LC: To be pushed out of their comfort zone. To learn lots of new movements and feel a little overwhelmed at times. To make lots of new friends and realise that fitness should be challenging and fun.

BG: I have continued to train throughout my pregnancy & am lucky enough to have you as my personal mentor:) What advice would you give to other Crossfit mum’s to be out there?
LC: Firstly, it is important to have your doctor’s blessing to continue training. If you are fit leading into your pregnancy, it makes sense to continue training, but to reduce load and intensity as your pregnancy develops. It is helpful to have experience scaling workouts and to have different options when a movement does not suit you. The biggest thing is to listen to your body. If a movement feels unnatural or uncomfortable, just modify to something else. The goal is no longer pushing high intensity, the goal is to maintain a certain level of fitness and to keep moving.

(Me post workout – 32 weeks!)

BG: What about post pregnancy training?
LG: Post pregnancy I personally found to be more challenging than during pregnancy. I strongly advocate taking time to get your fitness back to what it was pre-baby. There is a natural tendency for some of us to want to rush, but it isn’t a race. I recommend taking the first 3 months post partum very easy and staying out of the gym, just walking and spending time with bub is best. After that, if you have to all clear from physio, start slowly doing squats, push-ups rings rows and maybe adding a very small amount of load to some slow barbell lifts. I recommend staying clear of high impact movements like jumping, running and olympic lifting until around 20 weeks post partum and then to introduce these back in very slowly with low volume. Take time, by around 6 months post partum you might be able to start pushing toward your old numbers and times. After 1 year you could be fitter!

BG: How can people get signed up at Crossfit Mitchelton?
LC: It’s easy, head to our website and book in for a free introductory session here:

BG: Being a busy mum with a family & business yourself, how do you Phil & Max like to wind down outside of Crossfit Mitchelton?
LC: We are home-bodies. We unwind by hanging out at home, watching tv, playing on the trampoline, just generally being as lazy as possible!

A big thank you again to Lily for spending two minutes with Barbara-George.  As Lily mentioned above, please check out Crossfit Mitchelton website here for more details or to sign up!

Love BG xo

Most images via Crossfit Mitchelton website & Crossfit Mitchelton Facebook page.



A Home Update

Bedside Manner – Couldn’t resist this poster from MeenyMiny!

 I love this door mat from Ikea.  It was exactly what I was looking for.

I am a little obsessed with indoor greenery atm.  My favourite little fern on the coffee table.

The fiddle leaf comes in at a very close second 😉


I love using old fabrics to create interesting wall hangings. It is easy, unique & inexpensive.  I have two of these on either side of our bedside tables.

Bubba McKellar’s room coming together slowly.

A few little nooks from our new home which we have been in for just over three months now.  I don’t like to stick to a “theme” when it comes to decorating home.  If I like something then I will make it fit in somehow.  I think its more personal that way.  How do you like to decorate your home?

Love Barbara-George xo