White Flares

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Seed White Flare Pants, Crepe Fringe Sweater, Donna Block Heel, Fashion Hoops &  Aviators all available here | Oroton Bag

A Flared silhouette is still dominating when it comes to the jeans/pants stakes at the moment.  I personally love the flare due to their versatility and street chic appeal, see my previous posts here & here. Pair them with a cropped top, shirt half tucked in, loose oversized top or even a longer shirt layered with a cropped knit. The options are endless and you can create many different looks with just one pair of pants/jeans.  I have my eye on a pair of maternity flared jeans from Asos to add to my very limited current wardrobe collection 😉

In life news, I am on holidays next week which will mean no blog posts for a while however, you can follow my adventures over on Instagram.

Love Barbara-George xo

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Winter sun & graffiti walls

Morning smoothies

Pretty street cafes

Distractions of the shoe kind

Sunday OOTD
New addiction – Chocolate Orange

Friday fun day

Real Living inspo

Hot Choc with my love at Shouk Cafe

No outfit post this week due to being super busy with home renovations so here is a look at what has been happening lately over on my insta account.  Don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram here. Have a great week!

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Easy Saturdays

Sportsgirl Leggings | Country Road Long Sleeve Tee | Witchery Jacket (not current)| Boots (not current) | J Crew Tote | Ray Ban Sunglasses

Saturday mornings for Steve & I are our favourite time of the weekend.  Usually our day starts with a workout at Crossfit Mitchelton, followed by a big breakfast at one of our favourite places around town. I also like to get a little more “dressed up” on the weekends and wear some of my favourite or new pieces, as most days during the week I am wearing my “work clothes” which are generally more conservative & corporate.  As we are in the midst of a winter vortex here in Brisbane, it was perfect timing to throw on a pair of boots for extra warmth. They are my favourite pair, mainly due to their colour and casual feel and the best part is they are getting better with age.

Have a great week!


Pictures by Steve

Beauty Pick Me Up


Witchery Gel Nail Polishes & Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear Lip Gloss

When I need a pick me up but can’t really go out and drop a huge wad of cash on a pair of shoes or piece of clothing, I find purchasing something new in beauty always does the trick. These Witchery nail polishes are the perfect shade of pastel and cost peanuts.  A slick new colour on the nails always lifts my mood and is the easiest way to lift an outfit – win! When it comes to lip gloss,  this Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss is the bomb.  As the name says, it is crystal clear and I can’t even put into words how beautiful and glossy it is on. It has been my favourite since I was a teenager and it is just the best.


All pics my own

Pink to the Maxi

Pink Maxi Dress (Old) similar here| Zara Denim Jacket | Windsor Smith Heels | Karen Walker Sunglasses

I only have a handful of maxi dresses in my wardrobe as they are a style that I do not particularly love. However, they are one of the most comfortable, flattering and forgiving items of clothing to wear (especially when pregs) so it does pay to have at least one in supply. Lately, I am taking to this whole layering a chunky knit over a dress or skirt as you may have seen in an earlier post here. I figure why not also use a maxi for a transitional piece in Winter. Next time I wear one of my maxi dresses I am going to layer up by adding a denim shirt and chunky knit or jacket and scarf. In fact, the more I think about it, this may result in me having more love for the maxi.  I will keep you updated 😉

In other news, we are moving house again this week – arghhhhhh – it will be all worth it though as it means more room for our new little bundle that will be arriving in November…


Photos by Steve


Noosa Day Trip

We are certainly blessed here in Queensland to have such wonderful warm weather in Winter! Steve & I took advantage a few weeks back and took a drive to Noosa for the day.  

After a quick stroll on the beach we checked in to Betty’s Burgers for lunch. Seriously one of the most delicious and fresh burgers I have ever eaten & a very comfy, stylish little spot to chill also.

My Lady Chatterly Affair’s carry basket was perfect for a day at the beach. Plenty of room to throw everything in.

A visit to the iconic Signature on Hastings home wares store is always a must on the list.
Taking in the view & the plenty of surfers


I am always on the lookout for inspiration when out and about anywhere.
Queensland Winter!

All pics my own.



Asos Jeans (Maternity) | St Frock White Dress | Knit Crop (old) | Sportsgirl Hat | Nine West Pumps (old)

 This post is a dedication to layering, a look that I have always been drawn to. Whether it be by throwing on a coat or sleeveless jacket over jeans & a tee (see previous post here), or knits over a classic white shirt, when done right, layering can add interest to an otherwise bland outfit. I have mixed with the classic colours here – black, white & denim – which is a fail safe combo. My key to layering is to mix textures with no more than three items of clothing.  By doing this you avoid looking like you are trying to wear everything you own 😉

In other news, our cute little bundle is doing well & I am expanding week to week (everywhere) ! Next Wednesday will mark the 20 week mark – half way!! I can’t wait to share some more #bumpie pics with you very soon. Don’t forget to follow on Instagram here.


Show Some Shoulder

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.54.35 pmSeed Off Shoulder Lace Top  & Seed Swing Midi Skirt available here

 Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunglasses & Valentino Vava Voom Napa Flap Bag available here 

RMK Veruka Black Leather (on sale) available here

Off the shoulder is a style that has always been high on the list for me. Since it is so mainstream right now, it is the perfect time for us all that to jump on board.  Yes, its winter but it has been unseasonably warm in Brisbane so let’s take advantage and pretend that spring is nearly here! Time to bare the shoulder bones stat!

Barbara-George x



Aje. Tee | Witchery Knit last seen here| Asos Jeans (Maternity) | RMK Pumps

This hand embellished Aje logo tee is one of my favourites.  It’s oversized fit makes it super comfy to wear and the sequins add a touch of luxe.  You may remember the Aje dress I wore here.  Both of these pieces fall into the category of  “major splurge” but I don’t regret it at all – they will last forever in my wardrobe.

Barbara-George xo


Two Minutes with Northside Flower Market


I am a fresh flower addict, there I said it.  If you follow me on Instagram , it is likely you have already assumed I am slightly obsessed due to my bloom spam! To me fresh flowers are everything. Whether it be for a gift, to pretty up your home or a special occasion, for me they equate to happiness, beauty, brightness, fun & fragrance.  Fresh flowers are my little luxury that I will never be guilty about indulging in (on a regular basis) and I always visit Northside Flower Market when I have flower mania.

I caught up with Kim Dodwell from Northside Flower Market to get the low down on tips of the trade when it comes to being a florist, making the most of your blooms, how to choose season appropriate flowers and to get to know more about the business Northside Flower Market.  I am thrilled to share this article with you all….

BG: Hi Kim.. Thanks so much for spending two minutes with Barbara-George. Tell us about yourself and Northside Flower Market.
NFM: Northside Flower Market is Largest fresh flower market on the north side of Brisbane. It is a flower market through to full service florist. Deliveries daily, weddings, functions and corporate events every week. From a dainty corsage to a function for 2000, we cater for all people, all celebrations and events. I look after social media, marketing, corporate and events.

BG: What are the best things about being a florist?
NFM: It’s a very fast moving, dynamic industry. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate nature, creativity and make people happy. It is a very important job as we create memories, highlight milestones and become the family florist from engagement, wedding, babies, birthdays, celebrations and sympathies. No two days are the same and watching the changes in season and using new flowers and foliage is a wonderful job.

BG: If I had it my way peonies would be available each season but this is not the case! Can you recommend the best flowers to purchase each season?
NFM: Look at the peonies on social media in UK during their summer. In Brisbane get to know your florist. Go in regularly and see what is new. Find out what they are using each day and why. Trial new flowers at home and let your florist know how it went in your house. All feedback is good. Buy a little often, then you get to see the changes of seasons in your own home. Follow local florists as well as international and national on social media to see what they are using. Tulips, hyacinths, narcissus are in season now in Brisbane, as it’s winter.

BG: What are you tips for making our beautiful blooms last as long as possible?
NFM: The four C’s – clean clean clean and cut – clean vase, clean water, clean and cut the stems. Wash your vases and scrub them really well, if they’re thick glass use the dishwasher. Any green, slime or dirt in the vase will reduce the flowers vase life. Clean water, top up the water daily, mist the flowers if they are in air-conditing or heating. If you can replace the water daily that is ideal. Clean the stems – no leaves in the water, they will turn the water very quickly. Cut the stems on an angle about 2 cm from the bottom. Make sure they go into the vase of water immediately.

BG: What is the one piece of advice you’d like to give when it comes to choosing flowers for a special occasion?
NFM: Seasonality, and trust. If you love a particular flower find out when it’s in season and plan around that season. If you have been buying flowers from your florist for a long time you will have a relationship with them. They will look after you and you can trust them to do something beautiful to match your dreams.


So, if you are in the need for blooms to cater for a special occasion or even a bunch for home I recommend taking a visit to Northside Flower Market .  A business that has been owned by the same family for over 20 years – they know what they are doing!  Northside Flower Market is located at Unit 3, 27 Windorah Street, Stafford (behind the  Bunnings store)

Northside Flower Market Tulips, Roses & Stock 

Outfit – Witchery Knit & Dress | RMK Pumps available here.

Pictures by Steve


Trench (old) similar here | Witchery White Shirt | Frame Denim | Windsor Smith Heels | Witchery Clutch

Denim and white, simplicity at its best.  I always run to this ensemble when I have somewhere to be and literally have no time to rummage the wardrobe to put together an outfit. This duo will always be a fresh & classic look that will never let you down.  This will most likely be the last time that I will fit into my beloved Frame denim jeans so time to hit the shops for something more stretchy to accommodate my growing bump:)

Pics by Steve

P.S Most of the pics this week I had my eyes closed!! Not sure if I am constantly asleep now or I am just blinking a little more 😉

Barbara-George xo

Working It Out



Lululemon Long Sleeve Crew & Tights

With my office being a hop, step and jump away (literally) from Lululemon it can often make lunch times wonderings very expensive! I popped in there last week and couldn’t resist this pink long sleeve crew.  The colour had me through the window;) Lululemon is definitely up there with one of my favourite sportswear brands as their pieces are extremely comfortable, long lasting & are fashionable enough to be worn both inside and outside the gym.

I am often inspired by some of my favourite bloggers by how they wear their workout gear.  A few looks I love below.

Barbara-George xo

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.41.04 am

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.42.10 am

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.43.34 am

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.44.20 am


Feature image my own, all other pics sourced from Pinterest.










Seed Dress similar here | Dotti Feather Cape | RMK Shoes (currently offering 25% off!)| Olga Bag (old) | Colette Hayman Accessories

My last few outfit posts have been me wearing black. I thought I should probably address this and let you know that there will definitely be more colour coming back to the blog soon! As soon as I buy some new clothes to fit in! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I officially announced Steve & I are expecting our first child in November this year.  We are feeling completely blessed & are both thrilled and  exciting about becoming parents to a little girl or boy.  Week by week, most of my clothes have slowly been getting a little tighter, however the past two weeks has seen the bump grow quite a bit so I can’t really hold back much longer – it is time to head into the world of maternity clothing – HELP!  If anyone has any tips for some great clothing stores please comment below and help me out.

On another note, I had the pleasure of attending my niece’s Debutante over the weekend (who looked AMAZING btw!) which was such a special occasion & wanted to dress up this Seed dress a little.  I picked up this feather cape a few months back as I knew it would be a handy accessory to have in the wardrobe for occasions like this when you need to add a little oomph to a classic black dress.  I can’t wait to wear it with a black shirt and some ripped denim as a dinner date alternative.

Thanks for stopping by, Barbara-George

A special mention to this pretty girl who took my pics this week – thank you Elena Postma x


Heading North Round 2






This weekend is going to be a super busy one as I am heading back home to Home Hill to attend my niece’s Debutante.  Packing light is a concept that I am still trying to master but my Cuyana weekender bag (featured in pic 1) has inspired me to do just that.  It is big enough to take for a three day weekend away and small enough to use as carry on luggage when flying.  I like to keep up my skin care regime while away so my travel sized Dermalogica  products are perfect to carry along as well as some of my favourite makeup (featured in pic 2 & 3). I can’t wait to dress up and wear my Dotti feather cape (I have been dying to wear this for so long!) and some  Colette Hayman crystal jewels (featured in pic 4).  My J Crew roomy tote is the best to throw my phone & purse in as well as jackets & magazines which are essentials for flying!

Hope you have a fab weekend.  Barbara-George xo

All pics my own.