The “Sexy” Bra

Chloe & Lola Layla Lace Maternity Bra 

Since having Ruby I have been wearing the same boring basic t-shirt maternity bra (which I have in nude, white & black!) day in day out.  The other day while trawling the internet I came across this soft cup lace maternity bra & thought this is really pretty.  Initially I was hesitant as I thought there would be no way something this pretty could offer any support.  I took the risk and purchased anyhow.

When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it on and I was pleasantly surprised! It actually offered more support than the bra I have been wearing and it looked so beautiful on.  It made my day and I couldn’t wait to wear it the next day and the next day after that! There is definitely something wonderful about wearing pretty lingerie underneath your clothing. Being a new mum who is nursing, I would say that feeling, or wanting to feel “sexy” is something that is in far reach but it really shouldn’t be.  It is still important to feel good about yourself any way you can and putting on this bra gave me a little boost of confidence knowing that, even though I am a milk bar 24/7,  I am still able to wear something luxurious underneath my clothing. ( rather than my daggy usual!) It was also not unnoticed by the husband who thought it looked pretty good & now asks if I can wear that “sexy bra” again! It is also available in navy and pink. I so wish there was a white version!

Love BG x

Pink Scarf

Feature Piece – St Frock Mia Scarf (sold old) available in blue here (gifted)

Sportsgirl Tee | Frame Denim | Cuyana Tote | Wanted Shoes Flats

I am dedicating this whole post to this amazing pink scarf from St Frock.  It’s superb and is the perfect way to finish this outfit of denim jeans and white tee!  It will be on high rotation over winter – for sure. It is also available in a beautiful blue if pink is too girly for you 😉 Enough said.

Have a great week! Love Barb xx

PS. don’t mind the weird old lady shadow in these pics haha!

Gone Girl

Feature piece – Gone Girl Shirt Dress in Grey available here ( gifted, I am wearing size 12)

Seed Heritage Jeans | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Windsor Smith Sandals | Adorne Bag (all non current)

I am a few days overdue with this post but I don’t think it’s too late to wish the mamma’s out there a very Happy Mothers Day. I hope you were all spoilt in some way, shape or form. This was of course my first Mother’s Day and unfortunately I was (& still am) feeling under the weather with a cold & sore throat so spent most of the day resting when I could. We did get out on Saturday though and had a lovely day so I don’t feel like I missed out. I used the opportunity to wear this cute shirt dress from St Frock. I love the grey colour and the super relaxed shape, which makes it easy to wear on its own as a dress or as a top like I have done here with jeans.

Since Sunday turned out to be a quiet day I found myself reflecting on motherhood and what I have learnt five months in.  I wouldn’t change being a mum to Rubes for anything but it is fair to say I was a little naive  going into it. There are a few things they don’t tell you at antenatal classes and they are what I would tell my pregnant self now. I have listed the good and the bad below….

  • Giving birth WILL be the most physically challenging thing your body will ever experience (but you will recover!)
  • You will experience a love that you didn’t know possible for your child (not necessarily immediately but it will happen) and will do anything to ensure they are happy and healthy
  • Be ready for mummy judgment from everyone!
  • Prepare yourself for a lot of crying (even if you never cry)
  • You will question every single thing about yourself
  • Breastfeeding does not equate to weight loss
  • You will be exposed to the best and worst side of people
  • Only surround yourself with positive influences, drop anything that is negative as you will not have time
  • Your phone will exceed its storage for photos and videos every three days
  • There may be rolling eyes sometimes when you walk into a café or shop with a pram (my pet hate, my money is the same your fu*&ers)
  • You will experience a sense of completeness and find a new inner strength
  • Sometimes you will miss your old life
  • Now more than ever, all you can control is how you conduct yourself and treat others.



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Boot love courtesy of Sandler Shoes :)


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Addicted to these Charlie’s Raw Squeeze Smoothies

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Me and my babe

Coffee & Smoothie time
Sneakers + Jeans #mumlife

Hi peeps, no time for an outfit post this long weekend so I have wrapped up what’s been happening over on my Instagram lately. You can follow along here.  I usually try to post each day!

Have a fab week. xo

Lets talk Primer

Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer

I have always used a primer under make-up as I find it makes a dramatic difference in the way my makeup lays on my face and stays on all day.   I never thought that a primer could also benefit my skin by wearing it alone also.  I was given the opportunity to try Dermalogica’s new Hydrablur Primer and want to share the results with you.  First of all, Dermalogica is a beauty brand that I have been using on my skin for many many years. I trust their products to always deliver on what they promise to do.  This primer is no different.

I have been using the primer for a few weeks now, both alone and under makeup and I am sold!  It has a lightweight, non greasy texture and felt silky & tingly when I applied on my skin.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like but it is very fresh & quite pleasant. My skin is prone to get oily as the day goes by but found that by using the primer oil was reduced and my skin stayed matt looking for longer.

When I use a primer under makeup I expect it to create smooth canvas to which I can apply my makeup.  This primer did just that.  It also extended my makeup for longer.  I remember looking in the mirror at the end of the day and thinking wow my makeup still looks really good!  I have never used a primer alone so was looking forward to see if it really makes a difference.  I actually think this primer helped the appearance of my skin, making it look sort of plumper.   Given that these days I don’t wear makeup everyday, I was pretty stoked that just by using this primer I could look half decent with no makeup.

So overall, I would say this product will be a new addition to my little Dermalogica family that I use religiously everyday.  Do you use a primer?

Available for purchase here.

Thank you to RY for the opportunity to try this product.


All pics my own.


Runway Scout Blazer | Witchery Knit | Target Denim | RMK Pumps (all not current)

Don’t you love how a black blazer instantly elevates an otherwise basic outfit? I do & for that reason it makes the perfect multipurpose item for any wardrobe.  I would always wear mine as a suit jacket for work with pants, skirt or dress. But, a blazer also looks AmazinG paired with your favourite pair of jeans. Which is perfect for me as I currently spend most of my days in jeans…. (maternity leave will do that to you!)  Actually, denim jeans and a black blazer (+ a tee + heels) has to be one of my all time favourite looks.  When it comes to choosing the perfect blazer it will always be Balmain hehe! (I know I have made it when I have one of those hanging in my wardrobe 😉 Otherwise it is pretty easy these days to find a good well tailored blazer without the Balmain price tag.  I always look for a bold shoulder that is nipped in at the waist as I find it helps to accentuate my figure more so than the boxy type.  If your looking for the perfect must have piece coming into Winter, why not try a blazer?

Pics by Steve

New Season Wardrobe Update


1+6+13+16 | 1+7+18+14 | 1+8+10+17+13+15 | 1+6+5+17+13+15  | 1+6+5+18+14 | 1+8+9+16

2+6+13+16+15 | 2+7+16+14 |2+7+17+13 | 2+7+9+16+13 |2+8+16 | 2+8+17+13

3+6+10+18 |3+7+9+14+17 | 3+8+14+16 | 3+8+15+17

4+6+10+13+17 | 4+6+14+16 | 4+7+9+14+18 | 4+8+13+17

5+1+6+18 | 5+2+6+16 | 5+1+7+13+17 | 5+4+7+18+14 | 11+16+13 | 11+4+13+17 | 11+9+14+16 |

11+10+15+17 | 11+3+18 | 12+9+16 | 12+10+13+17 | 12+4+13+17 | 12+11+16 | 12+9+17

New season means time to rotate the wardrobe.   I am currently guilty of  having a wardrobe that resembles “clutterville” so it is time to cull right back – and I mean right back!  My aim is to have less items as possible that I can mix and match into several different combinations.  What I have done above is basically what I plan to have hanging in my wardrobe for everyday. Its an 18 piece capsule which allows me to have over double that number in outfit combinations.  There are so many reasons why this works, here are a few:

  • takes out the confusion of what to wear each day
  • Its fun!
  • by having your clothes are hanging in front of you clutter is eliminated which in turn means less wardrobe malfunction days!
  • it’s inexpensive & will cut out the need for impulse buys
  • each piece is a wardrobe staple and will never date
  • you basically have up to 40 outfits using only 18 pieces of clothing

A few tips are to invest in quality pieces that your budget will allow to get even more longevity from your wardrobe.  For example, invest in a leather jacket rather than pleather one.  If you need more colour, than bring it through accessories such as earrings or scarves rather than a colourful patterned item that will only last a few seasons.

I can’t wait to get started on my wardrobe! xo


Feature piece – St Frock Madison Knitted Dress with Waist Tie (kindly gifted)

Denim Jacket (old) | Sandler Shoes Balmoral Boots (kindly gifted) | Sportsgirl Necklace | Runway Scout Shades

I can’t help but laugh when I begin to edit the pics that Steve takes for the blog. Most of the pics are laughable really.  I am falling over my feet, pulling strange faces, talking midway click so my mouth is wide open.  Steve has also pretty much banned me from not wearing sunglasses as I am forever blinking when I don’t – such a loser! Somehow how though he always manages to get a few pics where I look sort of cool and “posey”.  I think he does a pretty amazing job considering what he has to work with and also the conditions I put him under (trying to shoot in the middle of a road – fail!) Poor little Ruby watching from the side lines, she must think her parents are complete weirdo’s!  I suppose what I am alluding with all of this is that I really don’t take my self too seriously, I am certainly not “cool” by any means & I am not up myself – even though it may come across that way in my pictures on this blog. ( Or that I even write a blog in general)  What I can say about me is that when I do something I will always try and do it to the best of my ability, so that means yes being a little “posey” for the blog pics,  in hope that I can provide the best quality pictures that are enjoyable for you to look at it :) You wouldn’t want to see the bad pics, trust me haha!   Ok, enough babbling about me, can I quickly talk about possibly the most flattering dress I have ever owned? This StFrock knit dress is it. The fabric is fitted but is thick enough that it disguises any lumps and bumps while the waist tie at the front actually flatters the tum. Hello, perfect for post pregnancy.  Not ideal for breastfeeding but I still wore it over the weekend as I knew I would be able to get away with not having to feed the little miss. It felt so nice to wear an awesome dress again, even for a few hours!  Currently available here.

Pics by Steve

7 Things I Can’t Live Without being a Mum

Its no surprise that I love dressing up & like to think I am sort of stylish but lets be honest, it becomes hard when you become a Mumma!  Some days I am lucky to be out of my pjs and showered before lunch let alone have time to straighten hair, wear makeup or put on something nice to wear. However, there have been a few pieces that I have worn non stop over the past four months and managed to still feel good & slightly fashionable! So I thought I would share with you…

1.The Hat

When I do find the time to wash my hair that is where it ends. Straightening is a luxury, therefore,  I resemble the lion king most days!   This is when a hat is my best friend.  Lucky for me, my love affair with hats started way before becoming a mum so I am making good use of my collection. Caps, fedora’s, boaters all of these are suitable to help throw together an otherwise boring outfit & make it look stylish and now. Try Cotton On & Sportsgirl for some bargains buys.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.54.55 am

2.The Scarf

I am nursing Ruby so the milk bar has to be available 24/7. This means wardrobe options are limited to  being simple and allow easy access.  I have found myself wearing t-shirts or strapless dresses all the time as they are practical can be sweetened up to look chic. One of the most easiest ways to do this is with a scarf.  It also doubles as coverage 😉





3. Sunglasses

Have you noticed that I wear sunglasses in most of my posts these days? Sleepless nights and zilch time for makeup means coverage of the eyes is required!  New Mum’s out there you with me?!! I love Ray Bans as they are super dark and I also don’t mind Witchery for an affordable everyday alternative. How cool are these pair below from Runway Scout for $30!

4. The Tote Bag

I have raved on about my love for totes as nappy bags in a previous post and I am going to do it again today!  They just make sense. Its makes it easy to find things, totes are lightweight, they fit in the bottom of the pram and they look super stylish.

5. The Onepiece Swimsuit

Necessary full stop!  If you can get into a bikini just after giving birth than kudos to you but most humans find themselves more comfortable in a full piece that offers some good support.  Not only for those visits to the beach (which still have not happened for us yet but soon hopefully!) but for when it comes time to take your babes to swimming lessons etc. The one piece does not have to be boring or daggy.  Try Capriosca Swimwear for a flattering and stylish piece.  I also found a great black one piece from Roxy swimwear.


6. B&B Cream

Did I mention there is no time for makeup when your a new Mum?  Being someone who wore makeup everyday without fail, it has been a big adjustment to head out the door with zero.  I still really don’t feel comfortable bare faced so I needed to find a super quick option and B&B cream has hit the nail on the head. It is literally tinted moisturiser & makeup all in one without the need to use primers or powders etc.  I am currently using Alex Cosmetics which provides amazing coverage and a great matte finish but I would also like to try the Body Shop product. Do you have a B&B cream that you love?

7. White Sneakers

Dont knock em till you tried them! I have way to many pairs but they are so handy & you can literally wear them with anything from jeans, shorts, dresses.  I am obsessed with the no lace slip on pairs from Seed. (below)  Easy to throw on while injecting a little coolness into your outfit. Only downside is that they will get dirty  – surprise surprise! ;(


Feature Piece St Frock Flash Back Hooded Maxi Cardi in Grey (gifted)

Feather & Noise Jeans | Seed Espadrilles (old) |Ray Ban Sunglasses (old) | J Crew Tote (old)

How was everyone’s Easter break? Ours was a very quite one spent at home with family where far too much chocolate was consumed 😉  I have always given myself a free pass at Easter to let loose with the diet & I took my pass very seriously this year! Ruby had her cousin down to visit for the week so we got out and about most days. We made our way to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to attend the Collette Dinnigan Unlaced pop up installation.  If you are slightly obsessed with Collette Dinnigan as I am, then it is worth stopping in for a squiz to see some of her most beautiful creations.  We also made our way to the usual culprits, Southbank & Nodo donuts.  Of course Ruby came along on all of our outings and loved every minute. One thing that surprised me a little was that there was no reprieve from this hot weather which is driving my crazy! Don’t get me wrong I love the warm weather but I also like to feel a change in seasons & I am hoping that happens soon! I am ready to pull out the winter wardrobe now. Speaking of which, I am a huge cheerleader for maxi cardi’s as a transitional piece into the warmer months & had to have this hooded version from St Frock.    Stay tuned for some of more of my favourite warmer weather favourites coming to the blog in the next few weeks.  What is your favourite piece of clothing for the Autumn/Winter months?

Pics by Steve

Calling All Little Designers! Easter Giveaway – CLOSED

Oh, yes its that time…Easter is once again upon us! Where did that come from? With Easter comes school holidays – not that I have to worry about that yet 😉 but within the blink of an eye Ruby will be at school and I will be searching for activities for her to do to keep busy! If your in that boat already, I have got you covered this year for a place to take your little bunnies for plenty of fun while bringing out their inner designer!

Homemaker the Valley are inspiring the next generation of interior designers with a series of FREE and fun design-based activities for children in the Fortitude Valley centre from the 4-10 April 2016. (Full details below) Being creative myself, I want to encourage this for Rubes as she grows so I am exciting to help promote this event & giveaway two $5o vouchers for two lucky readers. One voucher via Instagram & the other via Facebook.



Simply jump onto Instagram, FOLLOW homemaker_the_valley then head over to my Instagram & find the photo of the spunky little dude above and COMMENT about how you are planning to spend the Easter holidays with your little bunnies this year.


Simply jump onto Facebook, LIKE the HomemakerTheValley page, then head over to my Facebook page & find the photo of the spunky little dude above and COMMENT about how you are planning to spend the Easter holidays with your little bunnies this year.

Entries close Friday 1st April and the most creative answer will be selected.  The two Winners will be contacted via direct message on Instagram & Facebook to be advised of how to collect their tickets.

*Please note- competition is open for Brisbane entrants only.  Vouchers not transferable, if you do not reply to the message within 2 days, another winner will be notified. Barbara-George is not responsible for loss of vouchers or any miss fortune there after the competition closes.

Good Luck!

Homemaker the Valley are inspiring the next generation of interior designers with a series of FREE and fun design-based activities for children in the Fortitude Valley centre from the 4-10 April 2016.

(Parents will be able to take care of all their shopping needs while highly trained and accredited child minders host interactive, craft activities that will have children knowing their pantones from their paint brush in no time.)

The play centre will run for six days from 10am to 2pm allowing people to take advantage of Homemaker the Valley’s collection of home, lifestyle, food and fashion stores that can help transform every aspect of your home.

As the ideal inspiration destination, Homemaker the Valley is a place where decorators of all ages will be able to find inspiration and embrace their creative side.

Cost: Free
Where: Homemaker The Valley, 650 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley
Dates: 4 – 10 April
Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Parking: Free for three hours






St Frock Daphne Wrap Dress in Golden Leaf Print  (Gifted)

Apologies for being MIA the past few weeks! What can I say – #mumlife ! Ruby only naps throughout the day so when she finally does go down it is literally a mad rush to get as much done as possible before she wakes. (and this does not leave much time for blogging!)  I have also been lacking a little motivation/inspiration to blog of late & a little lost for words so to speak!  Do you ever have those periods of wondering why you are doing what you are doing?  I have been feeling a little sorry for myself and I have somehow gotten caught in the trap of comparing my accomplishments to that of others- damn social media! I was getting quite frustrated and finally got to the point where I needed to take a step away from it all for a week or so and regroup.  I reflected on why I started this blog in the first place and why I love it so much – it is my escape, an opportunity for me to be creative & have fun. Of course the dream is to be able to do this full time – always gotta have a dream – but just because it hasn’t happened as quickly for me as it has for others,  I shouldn’t feel that I am any less successful.  Is it fair to say that you can’t only measure success on how many likes you receive on social media or “stuff” you are gifted.  It can sometimes be as simple as being proud & happy of what you have been able to do in this moment, inspiring that one person or just being thankful for the wonderful opportunities that have come your way so far. So in this moment, I am choosing to be thankful to be wearing this beautiful dress that was kindly gifted to me from St Frock.  Colours are so perfect for Autumn don’t you think? Layer a chunky knit over the top for Winter & you have a piece that will get you through the next two seasons. Shop here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love B-G x0

Keen as Mustard

St Frock Ambrosia Maxi Dress in  Mustard (Gifted)

The past few weeks Ruby has changed the goal posts with her sleeping patterns and has reverted back to waking several times through the night. ( arghh!!)  So, once again the sleep deprivation struggle is real.  Apparently this is a common phase for her age & things should go back to “normal”, you just have to wait it out… What is “normal”?  I have come to the realisation that there is no “normal” when it comes to babies.  Just when I think I have Ruby’s routine worked out, she changes things up  again.  What I have learnt in my mere 13 weeks  of being a mumma is that you have to be prepared for constant change.  For someone who does not deal with change that well, I am finding myself adapting fast. By simply learning to worry less, just “go with the flow” & let Ruby guide me, rather than try to control every situation, my days have become much more enjoyable.  She really is a remarkable little human in that she is helping to make me a better human myself 😉

Hope you have a wonderful week. Oh & how amazing is this maxi from St Frock! The colour is on point and perfect for this season.  Most sizes are available now but you can also request restock if you need. I am wearing a size 12. You can shop here.

Love Barbara-George xo

Pics by Steve

“Two Minutes With” Capriosca Swimwear

Wearing –Capriosca Swimwear Metallic Orchid Suit

So I am just under three months postpartum and I am on the blog in a bathing suit.  I have to be honest and say that this is never something I thought I would ever feel comfortable doing however, if you read my previous post you would know that I am feeling more comfortable than ever about my bod.  Also, it does hugely help that I am wearing this deliciously gorgeous figure flattering Capriosca Swimwear suit which smooths in all of the right areas 😉  I have been following the designer swimwear brand on Instagram for quite some time for two reasons –  firstly I love their bright and stylish swimsuit designs and secondly that they are suited for ‘real women’ – yes!!  So I am completely honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate with Capriosca Swimwear and spend two minutes with Marcia Pilkington from the Australian brand to talk all things Capriosca Swimwear.

BG- Thanks for spending two minutes with B-G Marica! To begin, could you tell us about the Capriosca Swimwear concept and how it came about?
CS- Capriosca Swimwear came out from simply not being able to find a fashionable swimsuit, there were other plus size labels around but they were designed for a more mature lady and consisted mainly of plain black swimsuits and crossover styles.

BG- I feel pretty fabulous in this Metalic Orchid swimsuit. Could you elaborate on the high performance stretch fabric that is used in your suits and how it helps to contour and flatter?
CS- Capriosca Swimwear uses mostly Italian lycra for all of our swimsuits, we also use power mesh in the front of our swimsuits to smooth out the stomach area, we also have some clever panelling designs that help to lengthen out the body.

BG- What is your inspiration for the designs?
CS- initially it was designing what we could not find in the market, designing some great prints and introducing lots of colour. A lot of our designs now are based on what our customers want, you’ll quite often see on Facebook for example that we ask our followers what colours they would like to see in some of our designs for next season, and we really listen to what they say.

BG – What type of woman do you see wearing your swimwear?
CS – The Capriosca Swimwear woman is a confident woman, she may have lots of curves but she wears it proud. They are the mums who go to the beach and play with their kids in the water, they are the women going on a cruise, or the women who love aqua aerobics.

BG- If you could see one celebrity in your swimwear who would it be?
CS- I would love to see Sam Armytage in one of our swimsuits, she has such a fabulous smile that draws you in. Or someone completely fun like Rebel Wilson would be amazing!!!

BG- What is the best way to purchase one of the suits?
CS- we have all our stockists listed on our website, and also a couple of online stockists who offer fabulous service. But we are always more than happy to help when someone rings our head office for advice on what style would suit them best.

A huge thank you to Marcia for spending “Two Minutes With” B-G! It has been an absolute pleasure. Ladies, If you are on the hunt for a polished pool/beach look for summer that does not comprise in comfort than I couldn’t recommend one of these swimsuits more.  Take a look here to shop online or to find stockists in Brisbane, Gold Coast Qld & all other Australian states  & to view the latest catalogue which is divine- it was shot at the beautiful Maldvies location – so envious!! You can also follow on Facebook here.

Love Barbara-George x

**Swimsuit Gifted

***Pics by Steve

Fav Baby Items


Ruby is almost 11 weeks and I feel pretty confident in saying that we are out of the “blur” that was those first 6-8 weeks of coping with a newborn!  Those early days were certainly challenging times and while the what seems endless crying and sleep deprivation is unavoidable there were a few items that did help me through that time & I thought I would share!  I would also love to hear any ideas or thoughts on your experience if you are a mummy :)


Love to Dream Swaddle

I started swaddling Rubes with a muslin cloth for the first few weeks (when she was sleeping like a dream) and it was perfect, she looked so cosy and comfortable. I was actually getting super good at wrapping also! However, when she began becoming more unsettled with silent reflux she would always wriggle her way out of the muslin (no matter how tight I had wrapped her!) and wake her self up. I started to use this swaddle after a friend recommended it has made a massive difference for sleep time. Ruby is just as cosy and comfy in the dream swaddle.  I like that she can still have her little hands upright & self-soothe by sucking them.  The swaddle is so much easier to use and I feel has helped Ruby create an association that it is sleep time when she gets zipped up!

Oricom Babysense Monitor

As Ruby is already sleeping in her cot, I wanted a baby monitor where I could hear and see what she was up to. The Oricom Baby Sense2 has been a great investment.  Even though her room is super close to ours, I still wanted peace of mind at night that I would be able to hear and see her at all times.  It has also worked a treat for day as I can lay her in her cot for naps and have the monitor with me while I can get things done at home to be immediately alerted when she needs me. It also has some other features like a night light, music and temperature control which have also been helpful.


Medela Electric Swing Breast Pump

I purchased this breast pump while pregnant with not being entirely sure if it would be required.  In the early days when my milk was still coming in it was of no help, however now that things are working well in that department I use the pump every day without fail.  I like to have a few bags of milk stored in the fridge/freezer  in case I need to “top up” Ruby during growth spurts or if I have to leave her for a few hours.  The pump is very simple to use.  The pack includes a few storage bags but it might pay to buy an extra box to have on hand.

I am still yet to find the perfect bottle that Ruby likes.  We have tried the Medela and Avent so far but there has been no consistency with her taking either of them!  I have just ordered a few Comotomo bottles but I am yet to give them a go.

The Bouncer & Baby Carrier!

Holy moly this chair is a life saver! In the early days we tried everything to find something that Ruby actually enjoyed and it wasn’t until one day I started bouncing with her on the bed and she instantly stopped crying! Steve was sent out immediately to pick up this chair!  When we first put Ruby in it and turned on the vibration she gave us the biggest smile – it was gold :) I use this chair every day, she still loves it.  I have her in the chair while I am in the shower some days (while keeping a close eye on her) and she entrains herself while I am able to have my hands free to get dressed.

Hug a Bub baby wrap & Baby Bjorn  – Ruby loves being carried in both of these and usually falls asleep whenever she is in both.


Love it or hate it – this book helped me a lot! It actually saved me 😉  I found the tips on burping for babies with reflux made so much sense I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, a few days after implementing  a few techniques and routines recommended in the book, Ruby started to sleep for larger blocks throughout the night. One night she even slept for 10 hours! I follow the suggested daytime routines loosely however I am religious about the night routine.

I have had quite a few questions around what apps I have used throughout pregnancy and if I use one now. The only app I have used is called the Baby Centre and I have been really happy with it both throughout pregnancy and now.  I find I just take the advice that makes sense to me and don’t worry about the rest.

Some websites I use religiously are the Raising Children website, Breastfeeding Association & of course 13Health Line has been a god send :) A little tip – you can speak with a child health nurse when you call the hotline if you ask straight up.


Ruby had the most sensitive skin when she was born as she was overcooked!  Her skin actually peeled for weeks and I felt like the most horrible mother!  It wasn’t until Steve’s sister suggested we use AlphaKeri at bath time. This stuff is amazing in terms of nourishing baby’s skin & it smells delicious.  It’s quality has far exceeded other “organic” products that I had been previously using.

Post Pregnancy Recovery

I used Nancy Ganz shape wear post pregnancy for weeks to assist with holding everything together & toning my hips and tummy.  I found my obliques would get quite sore and having that extra abdominal support helped big time.  I also wore my Lululemon tights most days in those first few weeks as I felt more comfortable in some sort of compression clothing.

So there is my wrap up of some things that have helped me in these first months of post pregnancy.  I hope it helps you & I would love to hear what helped you too!

Love Barbara-George xo