Sunday Best

Country Road Tee | Seed Heritage Skirt | Windsor Smith Sandal | Le Specs Sunglasses

I am a little excited that I was able to get out today to do this outfit post.  Officially, this isn’t my first blog post since having Ruby but for some reason it feels like it is. It could be due to the fact that I am not so severely sleep deprived  as I was a few weeks back and I have somewhat of a thought process happening 😉 (yes Ruby has been sleeping through the night – can I have a hooray please!) Initially it did feel a little strange getting back to the blog. Not only have the logistics changed – our extra little person that comes along to help with the pics 😉 but my own energy to get into “Blog Mode” so to speak.  A friend of mine once told me that you lose your identity somewhat after becoming a Mum.  I didn’t entirely understand at the time but I do now.  I am the same person but different if that makes any sense! Its been over two months since Ruby arrived and it still feels surreal that I am a Mummy.  I think its fair to say that I do have a different perspective on certain aspects of life – more relaxed I think.  In terms of wardrobe, I still love to dress up and crave it more now given that most days I struggle to change out of my pj’s! To my surprise, I found freedom in dressing while pregnant and let go of some inhibitions to embrace my new curves and it has carried through post-partum. I do feel more comfortable in my body than I ever have &  feel brave to perhaps wear something that I never would have before.  I am excited to see where this new found confidence leads…

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I loved putting it together for you. Thanks for stopping by.

Love Barbara-George xo

Pics by Steve 

My Nappy Bag Essentials

Our little love Ruby is already 9 weeks old! Motherhood certainly has been the best/hardest job I have ever had to do and although it hasn’t been easy figuring everything out, I do feel like I have gotten into a groove with it all.

When I was pregnant I was hitting the internet hard reading what others recommended having in your nappy bag and what type of bag is the best to buy.  Over the past two months I have figured out what works for me and thought I would share.

Firstly the bag.  I purchased a ridiculously (but lovely) expensive nappy bag from Mimco and I haven’t used it. It is far too big and bulky.  Nevertheless, it is still a great bag and may come in handy later down the track.  I have found that a smaller size tote style bag is way more manageable. I purchased mine from Witchery & it fits everything I need without weighing a tonne. Looks stylish as well :)

What’s in it?

I actually don’t carry too much & there hasn’t been any major meltdowns yet so winning!

  • Nappies at least five
  • Wipes
  • Nappy Rash Cream (the Mustela is so luxurious)
  • Disposable nappy tidy bags & change mats ( I also use the change mats on my change table at home)
  • Outfit change – in case of leakage! Yes I have been caught a few times now!
  • Burping cloth & washer
  • Muslin Wrap
  • Bib
  • Cushioned change mat in case you have to change on a hard surface. ( I got mine from Bella Buttercup)
  • Hand Sanitizer

Ruby doesn’t take the dummy, if she did I would have one of these handy and of course any medicines that are required.  In the early weeks Ruby was taking Colic medicine for an upset tummy during the day so I would carry that with me in a plastic snap lock bag. I think it is just about time to have small toy/rattle on hand for Ruby.

In terms of my own items, I throw my purse, phone & lip balm into any spare compartments of the tote. Another idea could be to use an insert for your items to keep them separated but I like to have my items at hand’s reach. When I am super organised I will pack nuts & a bottle of water to snack on if I need to nurse her when we are out. It is quite funny how little I carry  with me now in lieu of a handbag these days!

Love Barbara-George xx

Lately on Instagram

Hello February! Calendar by Jasmine Dowling


Beautiful blooms

White Denim Bandwagon


Brunchin at our fave Hopscotch & Beans

Off the shoulder lovin


Hot Choc Break

Its February already! Yikes. Overdue for a little wrap up of what’s been happening over on my Instagram. You can follow at @barbaramckellar .  As I mentioned in a previous post, I haven’t had time to put together a post of late so I have started to publish some selfies of outfits that I wear everyday on Insta.

Love Barbara-George xo

Life Lately

H&M Dress | Sandler Heels | Karen Walker Sunglasses

Hi all! I must apologise for being MIA lately but I have had some important business to attend to over the past six weeks! Our little love, Ruby Mary arrived one week late on the 3 December last year and life has never been the same since.

For those that are curious about the delivery, it was all pretty straight forward.  I got to the hospital just in time as my waters broke as soon as I got into the delivery room & it was all guns blazing from there. I was in active labour for just under 4 hours which is fairly quick from what I hear for a first baby, no epidural (there was no time!) and yes it was painful but I survived – just! That moment we first laid eyes on our 8.9 pound, 52cm little meatloaf was the best feeling in the world & I couldn’t wait to get out of hospital to settle into life at home with our new bundle.

Since then, I am going to be honest here,  the journey has been tough!  At about two weeks old, we found ourselves up all night with Ruby trying our best to settle her while she screamed for hours in what seemed to be pain. Being first time parents you are unsure if this is normal & we were so confused as to what was happening? Trying to cope with an average of 2 -4 hours sleep a day, recover from labour, learning to breastfeed, take care of Ruby & keep a household running was, well becoming impossible & I knew something was not right.  I knew babies could be unsettled but this was beyond.  After a visit to the pediatrician, Ruby was diagnosed with silent reflux. Thankfully with treatment, Rubes has turned a corner and things have settled down a little. We are all getting far more sleep and crying much less. (Well maybe except for me who is not a cryer at all but I have cried everyday for the past six weeks!) Ruby is very gorgeous and it is so lovely to see her happy and smiling and feeling a lot more comfortable.

So all of this has made it quite difficult to get back to blogging. I hope to put some more articles together in the next few weeks – (maybe after I have had my regrowth attended to!) I have however, been hanging out over on Instagram everyday so you can follow me there to keep up with what’s happening.  I have decided to jump on the Styling You #everydaystyle bandwagon & will be posting more selfies of my everyday style until we can get the camera out again so would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope to be back again soon with some good stuff. Love Barbara-George xo









Welcome to 2016 & my first outfit post for the year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Year :) Mine was busy to say the least with attending to the beautiful Miss Ruby. The past few weeks have been all about getting to know our little love, whilst learning the ropes of  motherhood and breastfeeding. It has not been easy!

Breastfeeding has definitely been a huge challenge & you really do need to be clever with your wardrobe to be able to do so comfortably.  Being able to slip into something that makes you look and feel good, all while being practical and discreet when you do go out is a bonus. Thats exactly what this nursing maxi dress from Mamma Belle has offered me.   I also love the colour combination and the fabric is super slimming – def a bonus postpartum!

I am so excited to share that I have teamed up with @mammabellestyle to give you the chance to win this gorgeous breastfeeding friendly maxi dress in one of my fave colour combos.

It’s easy to enter, just head over to my Instagram here like the pic of the dress which will be posted soon, follow both @mammabellestyle and @barbaramckellar and  leave a comment on what your most hilarious baby brain moment has been. Feel free to also tag a preggie friend!

Entries close 5pm Monday 11 January and is open to Australian and International followers!

The dress is available in sizes 8-16. GOOD LUCK!

Pics by Steve

Dress gifted

2015 The Year That Was

Today marks the first day of 2016! This time of year it’s inevitable that you reflect on the previous year that was.  For me, 2015 was certainly memorable. Moving into our new home, staying fit and healthy while being pregnant and of course safely delivering & meeting our precious bubba in December where all highlights. I also had some wonderful opportunities thrown my way in terms of my blog which I am always grateful for and have connected with some amazing people through Instagram.  Creating the content for both my blog and Instagram brings me so much joy, as does meeting and working with new people.  I hope to continue to bring some bigger and better things in 2016.  Thank you so much for following along. Your loyalty and support means the world.
Here are a few of my favorite moments from each month this year…


















Love Barbara-George xo


Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil & Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner Available from Adore Beauty here

Now that I am officially a Mumma to Miss Ruby, time is limited when it comes to taking care of my skin so it’s a no brainer that I use beauty products that I trust will do the job.  I have been using the Trilogy Organic Rosehip oil for many years for a few reasons, and it never fails to disappoint in leaving my skin soft and hydrated & also that it is 100% organic.  I apply a few drops to my skin as part of my night time beauty regime and leave it to work its magic while I rest.  In the warmer months, I also like to use a spritz on my face to refresh and hydrate my skin during the day.  The Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner has a delicate aromatic scent that is cooling on the skin and is perfect for that quick pick me up after feeding and settling Ruby and the warmer months here in Brisbane.  ( A little indulgence for mum!)  Both products are available from AdoreBeauty Organic and Ethical Beauty range here as well as a whole bunch of other finds for those who appreciate organic, vegan and cruelty free beauty products.

Love Barbara-George xo


**Beauty products gifted**

Favourite Brisbane Cafe Spots

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.49.07 am

One of Steve & mine’s favourite pastime is to head out for a coffee, breakfast or lunch here in Brisbane and we have been making the most of it of late before baby M comes along!  The Brisbane cafe scene is continuing to grow and we have so much choice now which I am thrilled about! I love that there are new places popping up nearly every week to try.  I usually trawl my favourite foodie Instagram’ers for tips on new places to visit which is handy. (Just love Insta!) I thought time to do a little wrap of a few of the places that Steve & I have visiting over the past months to share with you. Some are new, some are old & there are even a few that I haven’t included, probably because I was thirsty or starving & didn’t feel like taking a pic :)

Above Pictures left to right:

Chapter IV, Paddington. Chic little fit out for a relaxed lunch. I love the chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries

Shouk Cafe, Paddington. Hard to get into it but worth it for a middle eastern fix. My fav is the Lamb Shwarma

Les Bubbles, Fortitude Valley.  You had me at French. One item on the menu done well, Steak Frites

The Rusty Burrow, Stafford. A tucked away little foodie joint to visit after you have worked up a hunger at Bunnings.  The berry smoothie and chicken & bacon burger was a hit.

Botanica Real Food, Red Hill. A bit of a pain to park but worth it.  Pick up a healthy salad and a divine dessert. The chocolate bundt cakes are soooo good!

Plum Tucker Cafe, Red Hill. Breakfast did not disappoint ( plus it’s right next store to Botanica so easy to pick up dessert afterwards!)

Nodo Donuts, Newstead. These bad boys will always be on my fav foodie list!

Nana & Da’s, Kedron. Homestyle food at its best with a cute little fit out to admire.

Chocolate Orange, Paddington.  I hit this place way too much! My usual is the specially smoothie & choc/raspberry brownie :)

Love Barbara- George xo

All pics my own via my Instagram

Seeing Stars

What About Wolfie Earrings

You may remember last year,  I spent two minutes with Courtney from What About Wolfie here chatting about this talented lady’s bright and colourful jewellery creations.  Well, I couldn’t resist these hand made star studs that I saw on Instagram and had to add them to my collection :) They are the perfect pop of colour and of course, I just adore the star shape.  If you haven’t already, you really should check out What About Wolfie over on Instagram here.  I guarantee you will find something unique & maybe even the perfect gift for someone special (or yourself!) coming into Christmas. If shopping locally is important to you than all of the pieces are handmade right here in Brisbane by Courtney and are all custom made to order so you can get exactly what you want.  I also have my eye on these white creations, a crisp edition for summer.

Have a great week! PS. Still no baby news!

Love Barbara-George xo

The 40 Week Mark


40 Weeks

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Having officially hit the 40 week mark of the pregnancy with no signs of baby coming any time soon, it seems we are going to have a fashionably late kid on our hands! I wasn’t expecting this at all & when I finished work 4 weeks ago I thought for sure this baby was going to come early and was so concerned I wouldn’t have time to cross everything off my to do list before the arrival. When will I learn that worrying and stressing are wasted emotions! Especially when things are out of your control.  Back to the the list I had,  it is well & truly completed – yep all ticked. I have nothing left to do but loiter around the house in hope of some action. So with this bit of spare time I have decided to write a post.  This article is a little raw than my usual posts- no makeup, no clothing chit chat, no fancy camera or fun locations in sight.  Just a few selfies of me in everyday clothes that I have taken at home with my iPhone of my growing bump and words on my experience over the last few weeks of the pregnancy. I figure its my blog & I will write what I want to 😉  I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been normal with no problems and I have felt healthy and fit throughout most of the 10 months (yes your actually pregs for 10 months) however, I do have to honestly admit that the last few weeks of this journey have been quite a struggle emotionally and physically.  From what I hear, its completely normal and you just need to hang in there which I have been trying hard to do. Not easy for an impatient control freak! I can feel myself getting more restless as the days go on, as well as feeling extremely large, my hands and feet are so swollen & sore and pretty much every part of my body is aching. Sleeping comfortably is not really an option, stretch marks have reared their ugly head, (even though I have been religious my with moisturising arghh!) and my only exercise is walking Charlie, my dog, to the park and back (about 500 meters lol!).  It is fair to say that I selfishly want my body back.  But then, I take a look at my scan pic of baby and my heart melts, friends will message me with words of support, or Steve will come home, make me laugh & tell me he is so excited that its nearly time to meet our little bubba and it reminds me of the precious prize ahead we have to look forward to.  It is truly amazing that you grow a little human inside of you and like anything, you have to take the good with the bad and just enjoy the  whole ride – start to finish.  I seriously can’t wait to meet, hold & love our little one and am so ready!

Love Barbara-George xo

39.5 weeks

39 weeks

38 Weeks

All pics my own via Instagram.

Lately On Instagram

Out & About

November Desk Situation

Les Bubbles – so good!

Milk Bar Maternity Pillow from Fertile Mind

This pic featured in November Harpers Bazaar Issue :)

I heart brownies very much!

Ze Bump

New Totes

Keeping Time

Chillin with the bundle

A little wrap up of whats been happening over over the past few months on my Instagram account.  Don’t forget to follow here for a daily dose of Barbara-George.

Much love xx

All pics my own from @barbaramckellar

Language of Love

St Frock “Language of Love” Maxi Dress in Sunset | What About Wolfie Earrings | Seed Sandals

Ok, so this post was scheduled for Sunday however I decided to post early in hope that I will have a healthy & happy babe in my arms by then!

Let me start by saying….how beautiful are the colours in this amazing maxi dress! I am super excited to share news that I have collaborated with St Frock to show off this amazing piece!   I have been a huge fan of St Frock for a few years now for their affordable and fashionable, yet wearable pieces. This “Language of Love” maxi dress is an example of what beautiful pieces St Frock have to offer.  For me, this maxi will be on high rotation throughout summer for me due to its lightweight fabric and comfortable, yet sexy cut. It is also versatile enough to work for both day & night –  wear casually out for lunch with sandals, belt and bright accessories or dress up for evening with some nude heels, clutch and sparkly earrings. It is certainly a winner for me.  I also love this shorter version here in the same sunset print for under $50!!  You can shop this dress and other St Frock pieces right here – get in quick!!

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

All pics by Steve

Dress is Gifted

Christmas Gift Edit 2015

Under $50 

Baby Inflatable Flamingo | C’est La Vie A5 Notebook | Taylor Aviator Sunglasses – All available here

Aerin Waterlily Sun Soap | Gregory Ladner Boxed Set Double Pearl Earring | Kate Spade “Eat Cake For Breakfast” Mug – All available here

Under $100

Lace Up Eyelet Kaftan | Alessandra Slide |Contrast Panama – All available here

Jo Malone London Christmas Cracker | Lacoste Travel Shopping Bag | Kate Spade Daisy Place Square Dish – All available here


Camilla Bat Sleeve Dress | Karen Walker KW Hollywood Pool Sunglasses | Miu Miu Eau De Parfum | Mimco Synergist Necklace | Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – All available here

A few little gift ideas for your Christmas shopping 😉

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo

Florals & The Pointy End

Asos Maternity Dress | Sportgirl Flats | Prada Sunglasses | Micheal Kors Watch

It is certainly the pointy end of the pregnancy now with this coming week hitting the 39 week mark!  The past few weeks have been a little difficult, not only due to my hefty size but not being able to shake a terrible cold and sore throat has meant I am averaging probably 2-3 hours sleep per night fighting a throbbing throat and continuing to feel ordinary during the day.  Maybe this is my body preparing for when baby M arrives and I will be getting zero sleep!  That I am fine with, it is just this throat thing that is a menace. Fingers crossed, I get to 100% health before the push party begins :) Each day has also been filled with different emotions. I am nervous as could be about becoming a mum all while bursting with excitement and anticipation to meet and start caring for this little one:)  One this is for sure,  we are ready and are patiently waiting for our little bundle to make their way into our world for us to officially meet :)

 All that aside, Steve & I headed out for lunch for my belated birthday celebration (plus I was in desperate need to get out of house & off the couch!!) and although I wasn’t feeling at all glamorous, I decided to get dressed up.  I love this dress from the Asos maternity range.  The floral fabric is little girly, & the cut is oh so feminine.  It is also extremely comfortable and cool to wear which is very important at this stage of pregnancy! The background doesn’t really do the dress much justice (not much thought went into this location, sorry guys!), it is definitely more vibrant than what it looks.

Also, I am in the throws of putting together a post on maternity dressing and a wrap up of my own bump style so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by, love Barbara-George xo